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The Alliance

As Jim and Dwight sit at their adjacent desks, Pam comes up to Jim's desk and speaks in "hushed" tones about how she overheard conversations between Michael and corporate that involve "staffing issues." She's terribly conflicted! She doesn't know what to do! Jim mustn't tell anyone! He promises he won't, and as Jim and Pam get up and leave together, Dwight looks satisfied with what he's been fed. "All her idea, too," Jim says admiringly of Pam's execution in a TH. "She's so great." And then he gets self-conscious and looks up and to the right, where he always looks hopefully for the planet where nobody can tell he's in love with Pam. Planet Obtuse-o, I suppose.

Dwight breezes into Michael's office, apparently at Michael's request. Michael wants a joke for Meredith's card, so he asks what Dwight knows about her, but Dwight thinks Michael is talking about downsizing, and he says, "I don't think she'd be missed." Heh. Michael clarifies that he needs to know more about his "friend" Meredith. Dwight runs down what he knows: her name, her divorces and kids, her "multiple Dundies," and so forth. This will not do; Michael wants something fun, so Dwight offers up the fact that she had a hysterectomy. Michael doesn't remember what that is, so Dwight reminds him that this is that one where they remove the uterus. Michael is disgusted, not really because it's confidential or even because it's personal, but mostly because it's not sufficiently upbeat. "What am I going to do with a removed uterus?" he demands to know. Mmm, macaroni art? Sorry. Michael kicks Dwight out.

Dwight, who is being fucked with eight ways to Sunday and then eight more ways to the following Sunday during this episode, meets with Jim in the conference room. Jim passes along that there's another alliance -- a rival alliance -- that's meeting in the warehouse during Meredith's surprise party. Jim "argues" that there's no good place to hide, but Dwight says he knows just what to do. In a TH, he tells us that he knows all about hiding from his experience with deer-hunting. That already sounds bad, by which I mean, of course, that it sounds awesome, since with Dwight, these are the same thing. And in the warehouse, Dwight climbs into a box. Jim looks around to see if Santa is watching, so that he can give him the "thanks for reading my letter" thumbs-up.

Meredith is apparently on her way, so Michael hastily arranges the party-hatted Officians in surprise formation.

Jim continues to set Dwight up for the spike by "worrying" that hiding in the box won't work -- the lid is open! Dwight suggests -- nay, insists -- that Jim tape him inside the box. Thus, as usual, does Dwight manage to spike himself. He can get the kill and be the ball at the same time.

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