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Toby sits down, and Eric starts out by asking about any liability issues having to do with safety or injuries. Toby lies, "Nothing comes to mind."

But nothing has to, because here we are, about to start the clip show portion of the episode. Yes, this is a clip show. A month and a half off, and this is what they come up with? Well, I'm telling you right now that I'm not going to be linking to all the old weecaps. I'm not even sure I could find them all. But here goes:

Clip of Michael in the warehouse, operating the forklift despite Darryl's objections and knocking over a row of shelving units. Clip of Meredith bouncing off the hood of Michael's car in the parking lot. Potato gun getting fired at the blow-up doll with Michael's face and going through the window of the warehouse office instead. Clip of Michael and Dwight throwing a watermelon off the roof of the building, only to have it bounce onto the roof of Stanley's car. Clip of Andy hurting himself attempting parkour. Long clip from last year's Super Bowl episode of Dwight's fire drill with real fire, and the pandemonium that ensued. Clip of Jim driving Dwight in the back seat of his car and squeaking the brakes to make Dwight hit his head. Clip of Dwight capturing the bat and nearly suffocating Meredith in the process. Really, the rest of the episode is going to go like this, so if you want to ditch out on this now, I won't be hurt. Jealous, but not hurt.

"Are people generally happy?" Eric asks Toby. Toby just laughs and philosophizes weakly about the nature of happiness until they agree on "generally happy."

Clip of Andy putting his fist through the wall. Clip of Pam nearly putting her fist through Michael's head. Dwight double-gut-punches Michael. Jim bitch-slaps Dwight. Dwight Kruschevs a blindfolded Michael on the head. Phyllis bounces a ball of paper off Angela's face. Michael does his offensive "Indian" voice until Kelly slaps him. Oscar pushes past Angela. "Can't we all just get along?" Michael asks his staff as they leave a meeting. "Or have we forgotten the words of the Reverend King?"

Eric asks Toby about other issues, like sexual harassment. Toby goes with "I don't know."

Clip of Michael going on inappropriately about the picture of Stanley's daughter in her Catholic school outfit at Stanley's desk. Pam entering Michael's office when he's changing his pants. Meredith's revealing "casual day" outfit. Michael flirting with Phyllis and says the only thing he's worried about is "gettin' a boner." Dwight asking the staff about "inverted penis" in the health care episode, and having to have Meredith explain the difference between a uterus and a vagina and which one you still have after a hysterectomy. An entire "that's what she said" montage.

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