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Toby THs, "I don't know how I'm going to get through this. I don't want to lie. And I don't want to tell the truth.

When we come back, Michael joins Toby, pretending to be idly interested in what they're talking about when in fact he's scared shitless. The next subject on the list is waste, as in "waste of time and resources." Like this episode. Toby starts to say there's waste in any company, but Michael insists they're the exception. And to prove it, here are some more clips!

Michael and Dwight trash the Accounting department. Phyllis beats Kevin at Flonkerton in the office Olympics. Dwight's desk is missing. And then it's completely giftwrapped, yet hollow. And then it contains a stapler in Jello, going way back to the pilot. Michael in a fat suit. Stanley kicking Jim's ass in sumo wrestling. Jim impersonating Dwight at Dwight.

"Is anyone near retirement age?" Eric asks. Montage of Creed being creepy, at Bring Your Child to Work Day and talking about his mung beans during Conflict Resolution, and then yammering about Dwight having been decapitated. After the one clip package that's too short, we see Eric on his cell phone while Dwight eavesdrops around the corner. "I think I'm going to be here for a while," Eric tells the person on the phone.

Back from yet more ads, Michael speechifies to Eric, "This is a building where friends become lovers and lovers become sexually interactive." Toby says this is inappropriate, and even Michael agrees with that. So there's some clips of kissing. Jan kisses Michael. Angela kisses Andy. Dwight kisses Angela. Jim is blown away at the sight of Dwight kissing Angela. Darryl tells Kelly he likes her, "But you need to access your uncrazy side." Kelly pastes herself to Ryan in the kitchen. Michael yells at Jan at their dinner party about his three vasectomies. Ryan and Kelly argue, and she tells him she's pregnant, then simply shakes her head. Michael makes everyone watch him kiss Oscar.

And then it's a whole sequence of Jim and Pam's greatest hits. She falls off her barstool at the Dundies. She torments him when he's under her no-talking jinx. They share his iPod, and then the song plays over the whole rest of the sequence, which is a chronology of their relationship. Jim looks pained as Pam kisses Roy during the basketball episode, less so when she kisses Jim at the Dundies. Jim gives Pam her teapot. The aftermath of their kiss at Casino Night. Pam's TH about how she's cool with nothing happening with Jim, even as he's stranding his girlfriend in New York so he can drive back to Scranton and ask Pam out. Jim proposes to Pam at a gas station in the rain. They kiss at their wedding, and we see them at their real wedding on the Maid of the Mist, happily damp and bedraggled. The bit ends with Pam resting her head on Jim's shoulder that first time during a dull meeting. Jim and Pam, everybody!

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