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BJN: "You should talk to John about that." "Good idea, Mom!" And he was on the cover of Newton magazine. WC: How big a town is it? BJN: Newton is 84,000, I recently found out. It is a very nice controlled environment. Very good suburb. WC: Of Boston, I assume. BJN: Yes. WC: I'm Canadian, I don't know. BJN: My father is from Toronto, actually. WC: Really! BJN: My brother proposed that my motto on my website be "Half Canadian, All Comedian." WC: Nice. BJN: That could be the headline for your piece, actually! WC: I totally am going to use that! Credit to your brother. BJN: And Honest Ed's was a major influence on my show-business aspirations. WC: Nice namedrop. Do you get back to visit Massachusetts very much? BJN: Yes. I'd say three, four times a year. My family's still very much there. WC: You said you have a brother -- that's the only sibling? BJN: No, I have two brothers. One lives in New York; he's twenty-three. And my littlest brother is fourteen. My parents are there. But because I have a little brother who just started high school, it's still very homey to go back to my hometown. WC: When you're not depressed about how antisocial L.A. is-- BJN: That was just one weekend! WC: What do you do for fun when you're not working? BJN: I think about travel. I look up places to travel online, and watch the Travel Channel, so that's a good hobby. I haven't gone anywhere in a long time. Travel is impossible, but daydreaming about travel is easy. I do standup, which is kind of like a work thing, but I enjoy it a lot, and it leads to being social a lot. You know, I didn't have a job for a year and a half before The Office, so I just did standup every night, and that became my social life, too, because then you finish your set and you're in a bar with ten other people that you know. Good comics gravitate to each other; you know who's your type of person by watching them onstage, hopefully. And, I don't know. I like to read. I like...long walks on the beach. Stuff like that. WC: Fortunately, there is a beach in L.A. BJN: Yeah, I love going to Malibu; I love that about L.A. I love the Farmer's Market at 3rd and Fairfax. And I love Zuma Beach in Malibu, and I love In 'N Out Burgers. I love the Coffee Bean. And the hike above Griffith Park on a clear day. Those are my five favourite things about L.A.

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