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The Carpet

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The Carpet

In the break room, Jim runs into Ryan and asks what he thinks of Kelly. Ryan starts to say something about junk in your...? Something? I have no idea what the rest of that thought was going to be, since Ryan remembers the camera and interrupts himself. In short, he's interested, and that's Jim drafted as their hapless go-between.

In the break room, Michael is having himself a long, dark coffee break of the soul. He confides to Creed that his worst fear is turning into Ed Truck. Creed tells Michael he should have bigger fears than that, and is grouchily dismissed. That went very well for Creed.

So after spending the day hating on Ed Truck, Michael has gotten the man himself to meet him out by the Dumpster on false pretenses. Upon hearing about Michael's carpet, Ed admits that the same thing happened to him once. Oddly, you can see the rolled-up rug sticking out over the to of the Dumpster right next to them, but neither of them appears to notice the smell out here. If the air outdoors in Scranton is really that fresh, remind me to visit sometime. Michael asks Ed for advice, but as usual, he doesn't want to hear it when someone tells him that his employees will only ever see him as a boss first. "Why can't your workers be your workers, your family be your family, your friends be your friends?" Ed asks rhetorically. Michael doesn't answer, but the obvious answer is that since he's only got workers, they have to fill the other two roles as well.

Jim gets tired of giving Pam distant waves that she doesn't see, and the fact that she seems to be getting through her day just fine without him is salt in the wound. So he calls up Brenda Something's voicemail and asks her out. Kelly, whose amazement threshold is pretty, low, is super-amazed.

A grumpy Michael answers Jim's desk phone, and there's a fey voice on speaker asking for a "gay nerd" named Michael Scott. Michael doesn't realize right away that it's Packer, and when he does, Oscar doesn't seem to appreciate Michael's happy reaction to the call. Perhaps it's the "gay nerd" phrase being used as a putdown, not that anyone in the office is aware yet that Oscar is a nerd. Packer asks Michael if he got the "package" that Packer left in Michael's office. Michael takes forever to get it, even going so far as to ask Roy and Darryl if they saw a package in the middle of his office. "You mean the thing?" Darryl asks, and Packer cracks up over the phone. Michael acts like the good-natured marks on Punk'd, but even Dwight is disgusted. And you know, I think I just figured out who did it to Ed Truck, too.

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