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The Carpet

Afterward, Michael THs about Packer's "advanced sense of humor," and how he's been proven right about its having been done out of love. And now he loves his employees again. "Oh, I'm just so sorry that I threw the thing out," he sighs. Hero-worship can be an ugly thing. Not as ugly as a big old poo on your office floor, but it's close.

Closing time. On his way out, Jim sees his voicemail light blinking. He rolls his eyes and picks up the handset, fully expecting to hear a voicemail from Brenda Something shooting him down. But the first message is from Pam, being cute and charming about how weird it is to keep seeing Michael in Jim's spot. So is the second message. And the third and the fourth and the fifth and the sixth and the seventh. She missed him after all. Sure, it's rough when you have to be away from your imaginary work girlfriend for a whole day, but getting a concentrated fix at the end helps make up for it.

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