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The Chairmodel

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The Chairmodel

Everyone's complaining about having to park down the street while construction crews are renovating a non-DM part of the office park and hogging all the parking spaces. "Some of us like the walk more than others," Pam understates, as Kevin weeps openly on the curb nearby.

After the credits, Pam tells us that Michael has been in the process of picking a new chair for his office for the past three weeks, and she'd like to hurry it along since she's getting Michael's old chair when he's done with it. But Michael, being Michael, has gotten a bit off-task and become enamored of the business-dressed (yet short-skirted) woman modeling the chair in the catalog. Yes, he and Jan are over, lest you rush to add a wandering eye to Michael's list of faults. He THs that being single isn't so bad: "Every day I get a little more desperate, and desperate situations yield the quickest results." Wasn't it weird that there were no Michael THs last week? It was almost like he was shutting us out. I miss that a little.

We learn that when Pam gets Michael's old chair, Creed gets her old chair. But who gets Creed's old chair? "Then I'll have two chairs," Creed says excitedly. "One to go." Did you know that "Creed Bratton" sounds just like the Czech phrase "don't know, don't want to know"? And if it doesn't, it should.

Michael goes out to the bullpen and tells everyone to turn to page 85 of the supply catalog, and instructs them that if they're looking for someone to fix him up with, use the chairmodel as the template. Across the room, Andy is devastated to realize he left his cell phone in his car. He mopes off to commence the long walk. See you next week, Andy!

Michael asks Kevin to set him up with someone, now that he's single. Kevin reveals that he's on the market himself, since Stacy left him. What? Okay, now, that stings. "You don't deserve her," Michael encourages Kevin as he moves on to "Oscar Mayer Weiner Lover" to ask after his female friends in the most stereotype-based way possible. Fortunately for Oscar, Phyllis offers to set Michael up with one of her friends, until she has to admit that the friend "wouldn't fit in a rowboat." Frustrated, Michael gives his people an assignment: give Michael names of date prospects for him, or they're fired. Toby? Visible, but silent. It's always a crapshoot as to whether that dude's going to do his job in a given situation.

Kevin and Andy are in Michael's office, complaining to him about the parking situation. Since he's got his own assigned parking spot up front, it takes him a minute to try empathizing, even after which he decides to leave it up to Andy and Kevin to solve the problem. "We won't let you down," Andy promises. "Can't, 'cause I don't care," Michael agrees.

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