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Toby's telling everyone in the staff meeting not to throw away the little radon test kits he's going to be leaving all over, mainly addressing Michael because he's the one who keeps throwing them away. Michael VOs that the first time he thought they were something else, "and the third time, I did it out of spite." Back in the meeting, Toby objects to Michael's disruptive farting noises, and Michael makes the valid point that Toby was the one who called radon "silent but deadly." Well, honestly, what did Toby expect? Michael ends up hijacking the meeting to complain about Toby, and it quickly devolves into a discussion of what to do if you've got two bullets and you're in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden, and Toby. Suffice to say that Dwight's solution is diabolically ingenious. At least in theory, which is something it has in common with Dwight's other diabolical solutions.

Pam and Erin are organizing ice cream for Michael, what with his girlfriend turning up married and all. "When Michael gets a broken heart, this whole place comes to a halt, so we're just trying to get out in front of this," Pam says in a joint talking-head with Erin. She yawns apologetically, explaining that she was up all night with Cece. Erin says it's okay. "Probably shouldn't keep a baby up that late, though."

Hearing that Michael's on his way up, Pam gives a few last-minute instructions (like keep conversations light, and just make a random sound effect of you get stuck). Everyone quickly shoos Toby out when he enters. Poor Toby. Michael comes in, quietly says good morning, and gets greeted like he's Norm on Cheers. Dwight volunteers, "Nice tie or something," Michael makes a weak joke, and everyone laughs, per Pam's instructions. Pam offers him ice cream, and Michael says it's too much for him, so who's like to share? Long pause, broken by Kevin saying, "Boioioioing!" "Okay, well, that's random," Michael says appreciatively on his way into the office. Mission accomplished!

Dwight's still trying to get out of his childbirth contract with Angela, so they're in the conference room with a mediator, who seems a little confused by the "replicant" clause.

In the kitchen, Andy, Pam, Jim, and Phyllis remark on Michael's surprising cheerfulness, and wonder if it means he's still seeing Donna. Phyllis doesn't think he would. "So we're going to say the most likely scenario is that Michael matured overnight?" Jim asks. Andy points out that it happened in Big. That's a point that Jim has to concede.

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