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The Client

At Chili's, Jan just keeps drinking as Christian talks about taking care of, probably, his mom. Michael then turns the "truth or dare" on Jan, asking about her divorce. Drunk off her ass, Jan acknowledges that she wanted to have kids and her husband didn't. Christian and Michael comfort her, with Michael insisting that her husband was "stupid," and Christian congratulating her for slitting her wrists for the world.

Jim makes sandwiches and Pam grabs drinks as Jim THs that he had plans to get together with a friend and canceled (Katy?), but he's "not a complainer." He grins and shrugs. With a box in his hand, he climbs up a ladder to what is presumably the DM roof. Soon, he and Pam are up there, and she's lighting a citronella candle to keep the bugs away. And, of course, to light up their looooove. He serves her a grilled cheese, and she says she doesn't remember the last time anyone made her dinner. Yikes. They watch as, down on the ground, Dwight and Kevin set off fireworks and dance around. No, really. That's what they're doing.

At Chili's, there is more small talk about Michael's attachment to the county and how much he loves it and how he grew up there, and all of a sudden, you can kind of see where he's going. And that helps you keep in mind that Michael has some skill at some parts of his job, which is how he got where he is. With all this lead-in, Michael tells Christian how the discount places aren't concerned about the community like he is. Jan starts to talk, but Michael subtly (no, really!) shushes her. Christian finally says they can have the account, provided they can "meet [him] halfway." Michael looks at Jan. "You think we could, Jan?" She beams at him.

Jim and Pam leave through the front door together, agreeing they'll see each other tomorrow. He starts to put in headphones, and she asks for one of them, so he wears one earpiece and she wears the other, and they listen. It's so interesting, because this show almost never has any music that appears in any way other than an ironic one, so seeing people swaying silently to music you can't hear is surprisingly powerful.

Michael and Jan bid Christian farewell in the parking lot, and when he's gone, they happily squeal to each other about getting the account. "Come here!" he hollers, and they happily hug. He pecks her on the lips, and then...freeze! Uh-oh! Yeah. Then they're making out, for which they look to be equally responsible, and it is terrifying. She pulls away, ordering him into the car. "Where are we going?" he asks, then he says, "Doesn't matter," and he gets in the car as the documentary crew, clearly far away, grabs the critical shot.

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