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The Convention

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The Convention

Creed finds Angela in the break room and tells her he wants to get in on that cash she was handing out earlier. She tells him that was a per diem for the convention. Meredith randomly crabs that Philadelphia smells like cheesesteaks, and Angela suddenly takes offense on behalf of the slut-ridden town she was just decrying, saying that Philadelphia's full of history before stomping out of the room. Creed, unfazed, sits down in her place and starts eating Angela's snack, telling Meredith, "Andrea's the office bitch. You'll get used to her." He introduces himself and shakes Meredith's hand. She stares at him, nonplussed, even though I really think these two are a scorching office hookup in the making.

Train. Dwight asks for his neck pillow back, but Michael, with headphones on, pretends he can't hear. If it's any consolation, Dwight, those things don't really work anyway.

Philadelphia. Josh and Michael run into each other at the hotel and greet each other cordially. Michael then spots Jim and cheerfully calls him over, jokingly calling him "traitor." They hug, and Michael gazes at him, looking like he might be replacing his boy crush on Ryan with one for Jim.

Michael interviews that he was shocked when Jim told him he'd be transferring to Stamford: "It's like firemen! You don't leave your brothers behind! Even if you find out that there is a better fire in Connecticut." And there's always a better fire in Connecticut.

Back in the lobby, Jim tells Michael that it's really good to see him. Michael is overly moved by this pleasantry, choking, "Wow. I didn't expect that." Dwight rolls up at this moment, hanging his name tag around his neck, and sarcastically asks Jim whether he's made any sales in Stamford yet. Jim grins that he's sold "about forty thousand." Dwight instantly flips from faux pity to extremely real rage: "Shut up, that's impossible!" Jim shrugs that he really did. Dwight quickly covers, "Well, I did it, too." Jim looks from Dwight, to Michael, to the camera, for a face-only camera-shrug.

Jim interviews that when he saw Dwight, he realized how petty all those pranks were that Jim had pulled on him: "And then he spoke." Yep, that'll do it. Jim wonders how hard it would be to get a copy of Dwight's room key. Probably not hard, if Jim can rustle up some magic beans to trade for it.

Scranton. Kevin tells Toby that Pam's dating: "If I weren't engaged, I would so hit that." Toby stares at Pam with, in this order: desire, hope, dismay, and despair, and finally he just slinks away to privately berate himself for being a loser.

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