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The Convention

At the buffet, Michael tells Jim that things have been pretty crazy in the office. By way of example, he says that Ryan's sitting at Jim's old desk. Jim casually tells Michael to tell Ryan Jim says hi, and Michael eagerly says that he will call Ryan later with that message. Jim smiles and asks, "How's--" He glances up, sees the camera, and lamely concludes, "Toby?" Michael heatedly says that "Toby Flenderson is everything that is wrong with the paper industry." The paper industry is kind of gutless, I guess. Michael looks up sharply: "Is he why you left?" Jim says no, and that he just left because of the opportunity and promotion. Michael doesn't credit those reasons, though, and asks how the job situations stack up "vis-à-vis bosses," like whether Josh is funnier than Michael, or if he has a girlfriend: "Because I have two. Basically." Jim quietly says that it isn't a competition. Certainly not a close one.

Later, the Dunder Mifflites have gathered at a table, where Josh reports to Jan that Jim got the company a great lead with a rep at an envelope company. Jan doesn't have much time to react to this news before Michael's calling her attention back to himself by ostentatiously pulling out his $100 bill and saying that he's got the tip. He holds the bill up to the stunned busboy, who thanks him effusively and takes off before Michael can change his mind. Dwight asks if that was Michael's per diem, but Michael lies that it was a different $100 bill. Jan asks Michael what he's generated, and Michael bluffs that he's generated a lot of interest in his party later. Jan lets out one dry chuckle and says that Jim and Josh will be in meetings all day, and that Jan is in and out of meetings: "I can't stay on top of you 24/7." The camera pushes in on Michael so we can tell that even though he isn't saying "That's what she said," he is thinking it. Really hard. (That's also what she said.)

Scranton. Phyllis tells Pam to order the most expensive thing on the menu: "So he knows you're worth it." Pam giggles. From the other side of Phyllis's desk, Stanley drawls that if Pam does that, she'll "have to put out." Pam rolls her eyes at Phyllis, who concurs with Stanley. Ha! Small green salad it is.

Philadelphia. In dark glasses, Angela approaches the reception desk, asking whether there's a key for a Jane Doe. Sly! The clerk hands it over, and Angela manages to escape detection from Michael even though he's seriously one inch from her shoulder. So I take it back -- apparently the sunglasses aren't just sly but have cloaking capabilities.

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