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The Convention

Restaurant. Ryan is sighing exhaustedly as he and Kelly walk out, Pam and Alan right behind. She stops in the doorway, politely telling Alan it was really nice to meet him. Alan cockily tells her to bring some of her illustrations "next time," offering to let her pick his brain. Pam laughs again, and callbacks, "More freedom fries!" Alan sort of loiters like he thinks there's going to be a kiss, and Pam slips away before he can make any motions in that direction.

Outside the ladies' room, Pam interviews that she went on a date, but that it wasn't a love connection: "I think when I like someone again, I'll just kind of know." Yes, Pam. We'll all know.

Philadelphia. Jim gets off the elevator and is drawn by the sounds of loud music to Michael's room, where the host is sitting alone in a corner, a strobing blacklight in full effect. Jim enters, turns the stereo off, and snaps the regular light back on. He asks if he's the first to arrive, and Michael lies that "people have been filtering in and out." Jim asks for a drink. Michael keeps "hand" by pretending not to hear him, but when Jim repeats the request, he hauls himself out of his chair and trudges over to make Jim a Cosmo. Of course. Jim sits on the bed, and Michael asks why Jim is there: "Is Josh busy?" Jim starts to ask if he did something to make Michael angry, but Michael talks over him: "I totally get it! He made a better paper airplane, Stamford does better in sales--" Jim tells Michael that he didn't transfer to Stamford because of Michael: "You're a good boss. You're a great boss." Michael scoffs that he's not better than Josh. Jim stammers before finally announcing that he transferred because of Pam. Michael is really shocked to hear this, and excitedly tells Jim, "She's single now!" Jim says he heard: "I kind of put it all on the line. Twice, actually. And she said no. Twice." Michael sits down next to Jim, saying he's sorry, and offering to talk to Pam. Jim says that's okay, but Michael insists that he will: "You should at least talk to Roy. I mean, he knows exactly how you're feeling." Jim says he will, maybe. Yeah, they could start a group blog about it. At this point, Evan, the Hammermill guy, shows up with one of his similarly royal blue-shirted colleagues. Michael introduces Jim, and Evan introduces Arnie, asking whether Jim and Michael work together. They say they didn't, but that they used to, and now they're friends. "Best friends," adds Michael. To hear himself described this way doesn't seem to thrill Jim, for some reason.

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