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The Convict

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The Convict

Kevin THs that he had Martin explain his crime three times, "Because it sounds an awful lot like what I do here every day."

Martin is telling the folks what prison was like. He says it was boring, but at least they got two hours of outdoors time a day. Kevin loves that, and asks why they don't get outdoors time at the office. Pam repeats the question, causing Michael to start getting nervous. Martin describes his cell as being a little bigger than Michael's office, not that he spent much time in there. He took art classes, which Pam loves, and Ryan likes the idea of the business classes that were taught there too. "Kinda sounds like prison's better than Dunder Mifflin," Pam cracks, which Michael saw coming, not that it helps. "I would so rather be in prison," Kevin says sincerely, and several people are agreeing.

But in a TH, Michael takes a bold stand: Dunder Mifflin is "way better than prison."

Karen's holding Hannah's baby, and telling Creed to get the paper clip chain away from him before he swallows one. "That's okay, I've got tons of them," Creed assures her.

Andy makes his move on "Pam-a-lam-a-ding-dong," as he calls her: "Listen, you're cute. There is no getting around it. So, I don't know if you like country music, but I was thinking one of these days we could drive out to a field, crank up some tunes, smoke a few Macanudos, maybe even toss a disk around. At-whay o-day ou-yay ink-thay, Am-pay?" And with that, he has taken her breath away, although not in the way he thinks. As Andy leaves Pam to think about it, he tips Jim a wink, which Pam doesn't miss. Jim slowly turns around in his chair, looking at nothing, until he suddenly, naughtily, cuts his eyes at her. You fucker, say hers. But in a TH, she's got one of her biggest smiles ever as she says, "Wow. That" Is she really at the point where any attention from Jim is good?

Michael comes out of his office, throwing his coat on and happily saying that he's going to do what they want and make work more like prison, starting with an hour of outdoor time. "Let's go!"

Cut to everyone huddled in their coats in the parking lot. He offers to let them "pump iron" with a 2½ pound dumbbell from his trunk. Everyone goes back inside instead.

Later, in the break room, Michael is for some reason trying to get a decent picture on the TV. He tries to tweak Martin about TV in the clink, which Martin says is "bigger than that one." Kevin suppresses a snicker worse than anything has ever been suppressed in the entire history of suppression.. And Michael THs, "This office is the American dream, and they would rather be in the hole."

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