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The Convict

Kevin bangs on the door to get Hannah's attention, but since she's rocking her baby, she just shushes him. I would just like to point out that in my experience, not all women who bring babies to the office are insufferable harpies.

Toby answers his desk phone. "Hey, Pam. Where you calling from?"

Toby comes and finds Michael pacing outside the conference room door, refusing to let them out. Toby says to Michael, "You know they're teasing you." He talks about all the ways Dunder Mifflin is better than prison, none of which Michael thought about on his own. But it gets through to Michael. I love this moment, because this whole crisis struck at the heart of his self-image as the fun boss who runs a fun office, and it's Toby of all people who knows how to give that back to him. Realizing he doesn't want to be the guy who can't take a joke, Michael lets everyone out, congratulating them and sending them home early. "Time off for good behavior!" he crows. Nobody even acknowledges his existence. You know, in an odd way, Michael wouldn't make such a bad Dementor.

Michael THs about the Martin arc: "From new guy from Stamford to the convict to my friend back to a convict. Then to kind of a nuisance, actually, to be completely honest." We see Martin cleaning out his desk and boarding the elevator with his box. "And finally to quitter." Wow, it must be a lot easier for ex-convicts to get jobs than I thought. "And I will not miss him. And that is not because he is black," Michael assures us.

Andy sings a falsetto version of "The Ainbow-ray Onnection-cay" to Pam next to reception, accompanying himself on banjo. Pam turns to smile at the back of Jim's head, while the front of Jim's head cracks up silently at us. Oh, Jim, you amp-scay.

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