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In the kitchen, Pam pops microwave popcorn. But it's not for a NewsRadio homage where someone can accuse her of having an eating disorder because she's going to eat it for breakfast. No, she's preparing it, at Michael's behest, for Movie Monday. Michael explains to the camera that the only cure he knows for the Monday blues is Varsity Blues. You know, I've seen that movie, and it would have to be one grim Monday to be improved by exposure to The Beek. We also see that Michael keeps his DVDs in a safe in his office, lest someone attempt to abscond with material they could find used at any Blockbuster in the country. For a dollar.

Dwight directs everyone into seats set up in the conference room. Pam enters with a tray, holding six bags of microwave popcorn, and when no one is interested in it at what is probably 9 AM, she sighs, "Of course not." She interviews that the tradition of Movie Monday started with training videos, but once they'd run through those, and a medical video, they started watching movies in half-hour increments -- except an episode of Entourage, which Michael made them watch six times. I bet it was the one where Johnny Drama had an inflated opinion of himself.

Michael: "Entouraaaaaaaaaaaaaaage." It makes you wonder if Ryan is aware that he's the Vincent to Michael's Ari.

After credits, Michael tells Kevin to do the scenes from next week. Dwight complains that Kevin gets to do it, but Michael shuts him down and orders him to get the blinds as Kevin recaps the movie so far. Dwight is too busy sulking at having been replaced by Kevin to notice that, below the window, Jan is on her way in from the parking lot. And she doesn't look like she's getting ready to don a whipped-cream bikini, either.

Jan walks into the bullpen and looks around to find it empty.

Dwight interviews that some people don't approve of Movie Monday, though he doesn't want to say who.

Angela: "I don't approve. I don't." Not when it's Varsity Blues, sure -- but Michael could probably win her over with Look Who's Talking or The Aristocats.

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