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The Coup

In Kelly's cube, Pam pulls a berry-coloured silk top out to show Kelly, who says she loves it. Pam hems and haws that she doesn't know, and Kelly points out that she should try it on before she decides. Pam's like, "I don't knoooooooow," so Kelly is forced to chant -- and clap -- "Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!" You guys, it's one of my favorite Kelly moments of the whole series, and the moment I have in mind when I tell people that I think I exactly split the difference, personality-wise, between Kelly Kapoor and Liz Lemon. Anyway, Pam resists at first, but Kelly's enthusiasm is obviously contagious.

Stamford. In CoD, Jim kills Andy, who whips around, enraged, and demands to know why Jim did it. Jim says he's just killing Germans any way he can, and Andy yells that they are the German team. Jim asks Karen, "Are we playing teams?" "Yeah," Karen smirks. This is why I just play Chuzzle.

Scranton. Dwight paces the parking lot, trying to exorcise his demons with super-violent arm-shaking, grunting, and...wind sprints. Finally, he crouches beside a fence and calls Jan. She tries to put him off on Michael, but Dwight says that it's about Michael. He asks her to meet him at Exit 40, where there is a Liz Claiborne outlet: "I know you like that store." He tells her to go in and shop until Dwight gets there. Jan, after a moment, asks how Dwight knows she likes Liz Claiborne, and Dwight tells her that he knows several of her blouses came from there. Jan asks how he knows that, and Dwight says it's his job to know. Jan emphatically tells him it's not his job to be aware of her preferred clothing brands. Dwight: "Noted." But clearly, Jan is intrigued -- as are we all, by the prospect of a good bargain.

Dwight comes to Michael's doorway, and awkwardly lies that he's going to the dentist for an emergency crown, and may not be back for a few hours. Michael could not be less concerned about the nuances of Dwight's story, and before Dwight can keep embroidering more (un)convincing details, like that he might be even longer because he has to get to the dentist via pennyfarthing, he slinks off.

After commercials, Dwight's found Jan in the outlet store parking lot. Despite his nosy inquiries, details of her purchases remain guarded from him -- at least, until he gets one of his buddies at the sheriff's department to run a check on her MasterCard.

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