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The Coup

In a diner, Dwight declares that he could save the branch if Jan will let him run it. Jan: "Okay." Dwight: "'Okay,' I can run it?" Jan impatiently asks him what he would do. Dwight says that he would eliminate waste -- which he describes as half the people who work there. The waitress drops off several dishes of fluffy starch -- all delicious-looking, and all for Dwight; he proceeds to pour like a pint of syrup all over everything. Jan pointedly says that Dwight must feel very strongly about what he's telling her, to turn on Michael and his co-workers that way. Dwight admits that the decision to turn on Michael was difficult, but that once he did it, he "didn't look back." As for his co-workers, they can suck it, apparently. He concludes by saying that he wants the branch, and awaits her decision, and then he sets upon his plate of pancakes like a dingo on a baby. It's a pretty horrifying display. I'm not saying it's worse than Claire Bennet performing an unanesthetized toe-ectomy with a pair of pinking shears? But it's maybe as bad. Dwight pauses in his flapjack massacre to tell Jan about a new Ann Taylor outlet store. Jan makes a note.

Back at the branch, Michael gets a call from Jan, telling him all about Dwight and ordering him to get his shit under control so that she doesn't have to spend any more of her afternoons getting coated in pancake mist. (I paraphrase.) Michael interviews that he can't imagine what Dwight was thinking, to try to turn Jan against him: "She's my ex-lover. Ish." Yeah, "ish" doesn't quite cover it.

Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch! Pam emerges from the ladies' room in her berry-coloured blouse, which she's paired with a black pencil skirt and some black flats. Kelly, Phyllis, and Meredith all coo over how great she looks. Pam, beaming, fishes for compliments, saying it's too much, and she's going to return it. Kelly tells her that she has to keep it for a day before she decides, and then Roy enters and awkwardly tells Pam how nice she looks. Pam graciously accepts the compliment without acting like she thinks she should trade it in for something less warehouse-y.

Stamford. Jim's wrapping up a sales call when Josh comes out of his office and snaps off the bullpen lights, cuing his colleagues that it's Call Of Duty time. Andy and Karen leap up to close the blinds. Jim's like, "Again?" No one ever said that about Tetris. NO ONE.

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