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The Coup

Michael interviews that this is how men settle differences: after they fight, they tell each other to "hug it out," and then they let it go, "and walk away, and they're done." Michael and Dwight enjoy Movie Monday à deux while Angela stalks past outside the window, looks in at Dwight the Lickspittle, and moves on with contempt. Michael adds that "hug it out, bitch" doesn't tend to be a good way of settling differences with women, in a way that suggests that trying it in the past has led to a few bitch-slaps from their weak arms.

Stamford. Jim packs up, but before he leaves the office, he turns around to Karen and mimes pulling the pin from a grenade and lobbing it at her; in response, she picks up a pile of paper clips and tosses them in the air in a mini-explosion. They smile at each other, but don't, to my lasting disappointment, suggest starting an office-wide Donkey Kong tournament instead.

After commercials, Michael interviews that he and Dwight did hug it out. But apparently, Michael couldn't be enough of a man to walk away and let it go, so he had to go all womanly by making a "Liar" sign to hang around Dwight's neck and forcing him to stand on a desk in the bullpen like it's Pennsylvania's own Abu Ghraib. Also, Dwight will be doing Michael's laundry for a year. Michael really must trust Dwight if he's willing to hand over a load of white dress shirts and not fear that they might "accidentally" get laundered with a load of beets.

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