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Angela's on the phone with Dwight, who's still at Jim and Pam's. He invites her over that afternoon. Oh, NO NO NO NO NO!

The baby wakes up the middle of the night. Or possibly in the middle of a room-wide afternoon nap, because the other mom is asleep, too, and stays that way. Pam has Jim get the baby. He grabs the baby out of the bassinet and together they plop her onto Pam, where she latches right on. Here's where I called it, by the way.

Erin goes to "break up" with Kevin, but Michael gets tired of listening to her taking a long time to get around to the point by using the word "friend" in every sentence while Kevin continues to not get the snap, and steps in. "Do you really think that you could have dated Erin?" Michael asks, blaming Kevin for believing Michael when he said otherwise. Kevin takes offense and reminds him that Lynne (from the "Blood Drive" episode, where Michael threw the singles mixer) was hotter than Erin. Michael disagrees. Getting more upset, Kevin says that Holly and Jan are way hotter than Michael. Michael also disagrees with that. "And I have a personality," Michael adds, and is about to continue when he is interrupted by the sight of Andy peering at them though the nearest plant. Kevin leaves Accounting in tears, for which Michael blames Erin. Because unfortunately, she's easy to blame.

Early morning at the hospital (or just post-nap), Isabel -- the bridesmaid who slept with Dwight at the wedding -- comes in and admires the baby in Pam's arms. Pam sits up, and happens to look over at the other side of their bed, where, to the non-surprise of many, Cecilia is fast asleep in her bassinet. "Wrong baby!" Pam hisses at Jim in horror. To his credit, Jim quickly wakes up to slip the little changeling her back into place before the other mom wakes up. The baby begins fussing as Jim jumps back on the bed with Pam, smoothly using one hand to coast the bassinet over to the other mom before she's fully awake. "Has she been fussing long?" the other mom asks, and wonders why her little girl doesn't seem hungry. Isabel watches uncomfortably while Jim and Pam wear the expressions usually associated with the part of The Diary of Anne Frank when the jackboots can be heard stomping around downstairs.

The nurse comes in later that afternoon, and the baby -- the right baby -- still won't latch on. Pam starts to say something about "the other baby." "Ha ha ha!" Jim says, because the entire other family is still right there in the room. The nurse brings up their 3:00 departure time, now that it's 2:35. She notices the car seat there in the room, and advises, "That bottom part needs to go in the car." "News flash, the whole thing needs to go in the car," Jim corrects. The nurse pity-laughs and leaves, promising to be back in 25 minutes. Jim is again flummoxed at not being found charming.

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