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In the tag, Angela and Dwight are about to finalize their contract at Pam and Jim's house, complete with her notary stamp. Before signing, Dwight hesitates, but then dips his pen after all. Which is neither a euphemism for sex nor a strictly literal description of how he signs the contract, since he's not using a giant feather to do it, but this episode has been an hour long and I still need to get to Burn Notice. After they sign, Angela flirtily (for her) wonders how they should celebrate. Just pour yourself a cup of apple juice," Dwight grumps, wandering off to the kitchen. "I feel sick." Aw, how sweet.

Jim and Pam come in the front door, and take in the construction zone that has become their kitchen, with Dwight standing in the middle of it. "I couldn't find your iPod," he says sheepishly. Whatever comments Jim and Pam might want to make to Dwight, apparently the presence of the camera is giving them a little discretion for once. They give us a glare and head on past. Hey, it wasn't our idea to send Dwight over here.

Watch the two-part episode here and here, then discuss it in our forums, then see why, despite their occasional terribleness, Jim and Pam are perfect for each other.

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