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Dressed like a chimney sweep, Dwight jumps on the elevator with Creed, whose sharp eyes don't miss a thing. "New glasses," he observes. When Dwight arrives at the office, Erin calls him a ridiculous, fancy clown, and Dwight solemnly explains that per the Schrute code, he's dressed in mourning costume for his now-late Aunt Shirley. Jim asks about the two small pails that Dwight's carrying, and Dwight explains that he's giving out invitations or non-invitations to the funeral on Saturday in the form of a handful of red or black dirt, respectively, tossed in the face. Everyone gets black dirt in the face, except one person in Accounting. No, not Angela, but Oscar, who unwisely let slip that he has a personal training session the day of the funeral. Oscar carping-heads about how he's not even that close to Dwight, having known him only twelve years. "Time is a son of a bitch," he realizes. Jim is last and for him, Dwight mixes the dirt with coffee from Pam's mug to make a gross mud ball, which he winds up with, giving a scream that gets cut off by the credits right before he throws it. So Jim got it worst, but Krasinski gets it best. Well, after Wilson, that is.

Dwight's waiting on the front porch at Schrute Farms while Mose plucks his guitar. Dwight's other cousin Zeke rolls up to drive them to the funeral, but Mose gives it a pass, asking, "Will there be ghosts there?" Neither Zeke nor Dwight will suffer the indignity of riding in the sidecar, so Dwight ends up driving while Zeke rides on the back. At the graveyard, which appears to be on Schrute family property, Dwight is surprised to see Oscar, until Oscar reminds him of the red dirt. Dwight smirks at the memory, probably a sign that he made all that up in the first place. A red Mustang with its horn honking drives right up to the open grave and the front wheel falls into the hole. The driver would be Dwight's previously nonexistent brother Jeb, who grins, "Look what I did!" When he gets out, he says it's a rental and promptly drops the keys into the grave. Dwight hugs him and they're soon grappling at the edge of the grave, threatening to throw each other in. You sure you want to be bringing up the topic of things that should be in graves, The Office?

At the office -- and don't ask me why everyone's there on a Saturday -- Todd Packer walks in and tells Erin it's "nice to see those shiny little Chinese eyes of yours." Clark asks Pam, "Who's this guy?" and all Pam can manage to answer is, "Bad." He announce that he's here because he's in recovery -- step eight of AA, step nine of NA, and thus he is here to make amends. He says he's been a jerk and doesn't expect them to accept his apology, "But I'd love it if you did." Kevin unilaterally accepts, to the horror of everyone else. Getting more specific, Packer starts by apologizing to Pam for objectifying her breasts, and to her breast as well. He apologizes to Phyllis and "all you double-XLs. Stanley, Kevin. This kid in a few years," meaning Clark. Pam points out that he's just insulting them in the form of apologies. Packer gets a little flustered and says it's more about the amends anyway, so he brought everyone cupcakes from the gourmet shop at the Steamtown Mall. He hands them out, but Pam tells everyone not to eat them until after they've had a private conversation in the conference room. And by "private" she means everyone but Packer.

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