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Back at the house, the family is assembled to watch a farewell video from Aunt Shirley. "I can't help but wonder where it all went wrong," she says on the TV. "You've all disappointed me greatly." She calls Fanny "a single mama in the city," and Jeb a "street pusher." Jeb explains in a TH on the porch how he bought what he thought was a worm farm from a Californian and is now in "pain management," or the smoking thereof. Dwight THs about his own disappointment in Jeb, who he says could have grown anything in the world, like his dreams for a peanut/grape hybrid: "One plant, one sandwich." Shirley's video goes on to say that Dwight, Fanny and Jeb can have her farm if they all come home. At this revelation, Dwight has to sit down.

Afterwards, Dwight tells Fanny and Jeb that he's in and they should do this. Fanny goes on to her brothers (and her son) about the lack of sophistication in farm life and the "willing ignorance" of the men. Her TH reveals that -- funny you should ask -- she has written some poetry. And she reaches into her purse to show off the one that's been published (it's a printed web page) entitled "Willing Ignorance." As for Jeb, he "jokes" to Fanny's kid that the people here are like a fart. Dwight suggests they stay a couple of nights to and think about it, and when Fanny doesn't even want to do that, Dwight tries to intimidate her with a loud countdown from five. But when he reaches zero, Zeke yells "Absolutely!" which is the first time anyone knew he was here. Zeke THs about the challenges of growing up with Dwight and Mose. "Dwight was obviously the cool one and Mose was the visionary, which left me to be the comedian." Dwight tries counting down again, but in French this time, which actually works on her.

Cut to Dwight and a family band playing folk music on the porch steps for Fanny and a few others. Dwight THs about the power of nostalgia and how it's one of humanity's greatest weaknesses, along with the neck. While they're playing, Dwight drops a couple of small black items on the step in front of Esther, who is sitting on the step above him playing an accordion. Fanny THs about the Schrute custom in which men throw crow beaks at women they want to court, and if the woman is interested she destroys the beaks. After a moment of alleged suspense, Ester sticks her foot out and crushes the beaks while Fanny watches. That's not the only thing getting crushed tonight.

Packer's personal apology to Meredith is for screwing her. Meredith says she isn't sorry about it. "I am," Packer says. "It was my rock bottom." Phyllis and Kevin are both completely mesmerized by the cupcakes on their desks, despite Pam's valiant yet not remotely funny attempts to distract the latter by talking about Skyfall. Packer finally takes his leave of the office, but outside THs that he's in fact on step zero of his twelve-step plan, which is "have a shitload of fun. I spent six hours carefully removing the frosting and then layering in a variety of drugs. Some legal, some not. Some laxative, some constipating. You don't fire the Pack-Man and expect to get away with it," he concludes, sitting on the back of his Corvette with the familiar WLHUNG license plate. Still a William Hung fan, I see. Ah, the days when this show had jokes.

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