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The Fight

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The Fight

Ryan brings the emergency contact information into Michael's office. Michael is sitting in a chair against the wall, rather than at his desk. Michael asks Ryan what he's doing for the weekend. Ryan says he's hanging out with friends. "Well, if you do anything crazy, give me a shout," Michael says. Ryan eagerly makes a note to himself. Not really. Ryan says, "Yeah, I'll...see you Monday." It's 6:20.

Angela stands by reception. Michael emerges, and she asks if he's finished. He says he's close, and he calls Dwight into his office. Everyone left -- Stanley, Toby, Angela, and Pam -- urges him to put this aside and finish his work. He claims that he needs to speak to Dwight, and they can all work together. "Let's gangbang this thing and go home," he says. He has such a way with people.

What happens next is a group act of forgery, as they all complete the paperwork so that they can go home.

Michael tells Dwight he's been testing him all day. And why? Because Dwight is being promoted from assistant to the regional manager to assistant regional manager. Dwight is near tears. Dwight figures he'll get an office now. No, Michael says. Just the title. Dwight wants to have Pam send a memo to everyone. No, Michael says. For now, it's just probationary. "Michael, I have so much to learn from you," Dwight blubbers. Michael agrees. Dwight stands. "Thank you, sensei," he says. He bows. "And...ditto," Michael says, without standing, but with a flourish. Michael claims that he told Dwight falsely that there's honor in losing, but it's true that there's honor in making losers feel better. He says that as far as whether he'd rather be feared or loved, he says he wants both -- he wants people to be afraid of how much they love him. And on a shot of Michael pummeling Dwight back at the dojo, we are out.

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