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The Fire

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The Fire

Jim assumes his usual camp-counselor vibe, recently seen in "Office Olympics," and leads the bored staff in a few games -- he announces that they'll be playing Desert Island, Who Would You Do?, and, at Pam's suggestion, Would You Rather? (No "Marry, Fuck, Kill"? Jim, you disappoint me. "Packer, Michael, Dwight." That's a good round. I'm just saying.) Just then, a fire truck arrives, and Dwight pumps his fist in excitement. He tries to stop the firemen on their way in to give them "some theories," but they blow right by him. They must not have heard him through their helmets.

So, Desert Island -- name the three books you would take to a desert island. Angela takes the Bible and A Purpose-Driven Life, but then she declines to name any more. It's hard to find something without whores, I suppose. Phyllis takes The DaVinci Code, and Angela says she'd actually take that, too -- to burn it. Dwight asks Jim whether there's firewood on the island. Jim says there is. In that case, Dwight says, he'd take an axe -- no books. Jim says only books are allowed. Dwight decides to take a Physician's Desk Reference -- hollowed out, full of matches and iodine tablets. And beet seeds and NASA blankets. And protein bars. You've got to admit he's thinking outside the box. He'd also take some Harry Potter.

Out by his car, Michael is telling Ryan that the fourth rule of business is the importance of image. Michael points out that his car is "an investment." Great for taking out clients and so forth. Who wouldn't want to be seen around Scranton in a Sebring?

While the warehouse guys amuse themselves by smashing bottles on the pavement, Jim shifts the game to movies. You get five. Meredith wants to bring Legends Of The Fall, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Legally Blonde, Bridges Of Madison County...and at this point, we cut to a joint TH with Jim and Pam, who are marveling over Meredith's bad, bad choices. I think they're missing the point, quite frankly, in that some of those movies are there because...Meredith is anticipating being alone on the island, if you see my point. Kind of the way I'd take The Big Easy, if it were me. Anyway, in the TH, Pam admits that she likes Legally Blonde. Jim flinches and insists that Pam must be misunderstanding the game, because she can't possibly mean that. "Unforgivable," he pronounces, and with a grin, she starts backpedaling. She takes it back, she takes it back! "Good," he says. It turns out that Meredith's final choice is the pottery segment in Ghost, which she acts out with juuust enough pelvis for it to get creepy. See? Some people like pottery, and some like watchin' out for the gator, baby.

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