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The Fire

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The Fire

Michael and Dwight check out Ryan's car with him. Michael noodges him about the books in the car, until Ryan says they're for business school; he goes at night. Michael goads Ryan into quizzing him (sort of a Blackberry-nerd version of "punch me in the stomach as hard as you can"), and as you can imagine, it doesn't go well for Michael, who is dumb. Specifically, he has no idea why people have been "rethinking the Microsoft model" recently. I would have said, "Because not everybody likes rebooting," but Michael has nothing. Michael THs that he worked as a young guy to earn money for school. He lost all the money in a pyramid scheme, but his point is the same. As Michael continues to flub questions, Dwight defensively insists that Michael doesn't need book learnin'. But having now hitched his unctuous wagon to Ryan's reluctant star, Michael wants no part of Dwight and rejects his attempts at support. Somehow, this leads Dwight giving Ryan a noogie and a karate chop. Hey, cause and effect are complex at Dunder Mifflin. Proving that even a blind, incompetent, middle-management pig finds a truffle now and then, Michael tells Dwight he's "acting like a dork." Indeed. Michael tells Dwight to stop picking on Ryan, who knows more than Dwight ever will. Michael THs that it's okay, because he never went to business school, just like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant and everybody else who went straight to the NBA from high school. I think even Michael is at a loss to place this within the context of anything relevant, once he hears himself say it.

Michael and Ryan sit in Ryan's car, where Michael is eagerly leafing through books and realizing that he doesn't know anything. But Ryan does! "You are so smart," Michael says. "You are so effin' smart."

Pam picks her movies: Fargo, Edward Scissorhands, Dazed And Confused (Jim, supportively: "Definitely in my top five." Pam: "Yeah. In my top three, so suck it." Jim, surprised: "What?"), The Breakfast Club, The Princess Bride...Jim cuts her off at five. But she has one left! It's her "all-time favorite"! Sadly, we are not to know. Nearby, Dwight is furiously kicking the wall. Not even wanting to ask what's going on, Jim tries to distract Dwight by asking him his "all-time favorite movie." Dwight waves him off, but after a minute, this: "The Crow," says Dwight weakly.

Ryan's car. Ryan and Michael in the back seat. Michael is telling a squirming Ryan that he became a salesman because he loved people, and then he became a manager, and it's hard now to "be a friend first." He's too successful, is the thing. Don't you figure that's the thing? I know I do. Michael asks Ryan for thoughts, and Ryan just wants to get out of the car. "I'm really uncomfortable," he admits, as his discussion with his boss teeters on the edge of becoming something more like going parking, in the Happy Days sense.

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