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The Injury

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The Injury

It's a quiet morning at DM-Scranton, until Pam -- with Jim hanging nearby, of course, because engaged ain't married -- gets a panicked call from Michael, who's claiming to be injured and in need of a ride to work. Quickly tiring of trying to figure out the situation secondhand based on Pam's frequently-interrupted end of the conversation, Jim reaches over and puts Michael on speaker REALLY LOUD. Now the whole office can hear Michael dramatically moaning that he burned his foot on a George Foreman grill. After a moment of Jim taking this in, a tieless Michael THs from his condo that he likes breakfast in bed, waking up to the smell of bacon, etc., so he keeps the Foreman in his room. And this morning he stepped on it, as he demonstrates by moving aside the sheet of bubble-wrap that is covering his lightly seared foot. Back in the bullpen, Michael begs Pam to send Ryan, and to have him bring toilet paper. By now everyone save Dwight has gathered around, but nobody wants to be the one to go get Michael. And then Dwight belatedly comes in, gleans about one-tenth of the situation, and dashes out the door, deaf to Michael's anyone-but-Dwight pleas. After Pam and Jim get Michael to admit that he recently made up a girlfriend (kind of mean of them, under the circumstances), everyone hears the sound of a crash from outside. Jim leads the dash to the window, where they witness Dwight stagger out of his crashed Trans-Am, vomit all over his back windshield, and drive off again, leaving his bumper in the alley. "Hello? Please don't send Dwight," the speakerphone begs again.

After the credits, Michael crutches into the office with bubble-wrap taped around his "injured" foot, making a big martyr show of not wanting any special treatment today. Here we get an example of the employees following Michael's instructions before he gives them. Dwight is in Michael's wake, carrying a stack of blankets and pillows and God knows what other supplies to set Michael up in what will amount to a temporary hospital room. While Pam tells Michael about the conference calls he missed that morning as a result of cooking his foot, Jim has reached down to pop the bubbles on Michael's makeshift cast. Some people just can't resist that stuff, even if there is a grody foot inside it. "So, where are you shipping your foot?" Jim asks. Even Michael and Dwight combined can't come up with a comeback to that.

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