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The Injury

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The Injury

With Michael set up in his office while Dwight airs the injured foot with a handheld fan (poorly), he gives Pam a hard time about not being a good enough friend. "Would you like some aspirin? Because you seem a little fussy," Pam offers, doing an admirable job of calling Michael a baby without saying it in so many words. Dwight steps in to say that he can take care of Michael, but stops mid-sentence, leading to an awkward pause that is spectacularly long, even for this show.

And later, Dwight is on his computer, busily renaming a Windows folder DWIGHT DWIGHT DWIGHT ad infinitum. Meanwhile, Michael is sacked out on the conference room sofa, giving Ryan grief over the Not Boston Market lunch he sent him to get. What's the matter, Boston Market? Didn't you want to be shown on national TV as the meal of choice for overdramatic whiny bitches?

At reception, Dwight notices Pam fiddling with the cheap iPod knockoff that Roy gave her for Christmas. He directs her to a Russian website where she can download songs for two cents apiece. "The only thing is that all the songs are in Russian," Dwight warns. Pam rolls her eyes, irritated with herself for letting Dwight waste more of her precious free cell time, but Dwight's only kidding. Pam appreciates the joke, as well as the web address Dwight gives her. Awkward pause. Finally he takes his leave with a stiff "Okay, see you later, Pan."

Later, Pam gets a call from Michael, wanting her to come rub County Crock™ on his foot. When she refuses, he starts rattling his crutch against the blinds and bellowing for Ryan. Ryan looks at is with dismay. Are there, like, no other temp gigs in all of Pennsylvania?

Dwight gives Pam an indestructible case for her iPod knockoff, and she sincerely thanks him for it, which weirds Jim out. Pam THs that Dwight's not her friend. And then, with horror, she realizes that he kind of is.

Michael has called his mom to complain about the lack of help he's getting from his employees, but even that conversation proves disappointing as we learn indirectly that his mom knows about his breakup with Jan from talking to Pam. It's the things you don't hear on this show.

Break room. Dwight dorkily flirts with Angela, and then even more dorkily pats her ass until she chases him off. Apparently, that required a large number of takes. Rainn Wilson wanted to get that moment just right, I'm sure.

Later, Michael needs Ryan to open the door to let him into the break room, and from there into the men's room. There's a brief, sweet lull while Toby comments on Ryan's string-cheese-eating technique, and then there's a crash from inside the loo. From behind the door, Michael begs Toby to send in Ryan to help him get up, and also to clean him up some. "Bring a wet towel," he says. Ryan desperately shakes his head at Toby, even pulling his finger across his throat. So Toby tells Michael that Ryan's dead, and suggests that he try to get up himself: "You only grilled your foot." From behind the men's room door there's more struggling and crashing and -- I think, horror of horrors -- splashing as Michael tries to right himself.

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