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The Job

We open in the reception area at Dunder Mifflin Corporate, in New York; Michael waits in the foreground. David enters, and Michael leaps up and immediately makes with the glad-handing, but David's like "...Isn't our interview tomorrow?" Michael eventually confirms that it is, but says he was in the neighborhood. David starts nicely poking holes in Michael's story (he was going to go to a Broadway show in the middle of a workday? Michael: "Noooooo"), but Michael turns the exchange around, asking how many people David will be interviewing. David says it'll be branch managers, and a few lower-level people. Michael asks whether any of the candidates has been with the company longer than Michael, or manages more people; David, taking his meaning, smiles and says no. Michael excuses David: "No further questions!" David politely tells Michael that he's really looking forward to their interview, and Michael confidently calls after him, "I'm really looking forward to working with you!" David takes off with a noncommittal wave, leaving Michael, presumably, to congratulate himself on the post-hypnotic suggestion.

Alone again in the reception area, Michael camera-talks while dialing his cell phone, declaring that the job is definitely his: "I know this company. The other branch managers are total morons." Into his phone, he tells Pam that he forgot which day the interview was and drove to New York by mistake, so he'll be three hours late. See, other job candidates? He has the information on how long it takes to drive from one office to another right at his fingertips.

After the credits, we're at Pam's desk, where she's comparing paperwork of some kind with Kevin and Meredith. Pam looks up delightedly as Jim walks in...with a slick new haircut. I'm not really sure how I feel about it; I'm not wild about the flippy emo look, but this is so over-moussed, it's like it's injection-molded. Kevin announces that Jim looks worse (heh) (also: word), while Meredith pronounces it "sexy hot" and demands that he turn around, which he politely refuses to do. Andy withdraws Jim's earlier nickname: instead of Big Tuna, he will now be known as Big Haircut. That's not the worst nickname ever; it's hardly a small haircut.

Jim interviews that Karen suggested that he get a haircut for his interview: "So that I could look presentable, and not, as she so lovingly puts it, homeless." That's not quite right; his regular look isn't so much "homeless" as "poser." Huh, turns out I really hated that haircut a lot more than I thought! John Krasinski should maybe consider bringing back his look from Jarhead.

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