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The Job

Corporate. It's Jim's turn with David, who's boy's clubbing that he's not sure how he feels about hiring a Sixers fan. "I should leave," jokes Jim. David starts buttering Jim up, saying that Jim always hits his numbers and is very personable. Jim asks if David wants to know how Jim got to be so awesome. David chuckles, and asks for Jim's quarterly numbers and some questionnaire he was supposed to fill out. Jim goes to grab it as David yammers on about the HR guy Jim probably won't like, and as Jim opens his folder, he sees a message slip from Pam, with a gold medal from the Office Olympics paper-clipped to it, that reads, "Don't forget us when you're famous!" Jim has to spend five minutes pondering it until David snaps him out of it by asking how Jim thinks he'll do in New York. Jim says that he loves the buildings and the energy in New York, plus the businesses that are open past 8 PM. David asks what Jim's liked most about the Scranton branch, and Jim once again waits five minutes to answer, "The friendships." That's Scranton for Star-Crossed Love. David says that they want the person who takes this job to be in it for the long haul, so he wants to know where Jim sees himself in ten years. This kicks Jim off into yet another reverie, except this time, we get to see into his brain...

...which is back at the beach. Jim approaches Pam, who's standing alone, in the water. Jim asks how her feet are, and she cracks that they're medium rare. There's a long silence, and then Jim says, "The real reason I went back to Stamford was because I wanted to be...not here." Pam knows. Jim: "And even though I came back, I just feel like I've never really come back." She nods: "Well, I wish you would." They stare at each other significantly. Unseen, Pam's feet blister.

Scranton. Pam toils at her desk.

Then Pam interviews that she hasn't heard anything, but she bets Jim got the job, since he's "totally qualified and smart. Everyone loves him." We see Jim, doing his trademark half a smirk back in David's office, as Pam drones on. "And if he never comes back again..." Jim walks out of the office in New York. "We're friends. And I'm sure we'll stay friends." Jim drives back. "We just...we never got the timing right." In New York, Karen waits for Jim to call, because he's totally her ride home to ANOTHER CITY -- but I guess that scene was cut for time. Back to Pam: "You know, I shot him down, and then he did the same to me, and...but you know what -- it's okay. Everything is going to be totally--" The door opens, and Big Haircut sticks his big haircut back into the room. He apologizes to the unseen producer, and asks Pam if she's free for dinner tonight. The camera reels back to her as she breathes, "Yes." Jim: "All right. Then it's a date." He taps the doorframe a few times, and then the camera cuts back to Pam, tearing up and smiling all goofy. "I'm sorry, what was the question?" Uh, check the thread for this episode. Everything about it has been hashed over for about three months.

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