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The Job

Andy interviews that he's a great interviewee: he uses his brain to his advantage, "when advantageous." Which probably isn't so often in this particular workplace.

Cut to Andy's brain in use, as he arm-wrestles Dwight. Andy is just about to win when Dwight checks his watch and calls time, which means Andy fails. If nothing else, it proves that the perfect heir to Michael's legacy actually is Dwight.

In Jim's car, Jim and Karen banter about who's going to get the job. They are both way off. (Spoiler!)

Through his blinds, we watch Michael cupping Jan's boobies: "How remarkable." Indeed. That Rick Baker doesn't fuck around.

Michael and Jan emerge from his office, Jan saying that she'll see him in New York the next day. She wishes him luck on his interview, kisses him on the cheek, and struts out. Michael can barely control himself giggling as he tells Pam he and Jan are getting back together. Horrified, Pam asks why. Michael: "Your advice was good. But Jan's was bigger." Not to mention harder.

Karen and Jim stroll down the street, Karen asking what will happen with the two of them when she gets the job. Jim asks if she means when he gets the job. She says that if he gets the job, she'll move to New York to be with him; she asks if he'd do the same. He doesn't answer right away, so Karen says she's not stupid; she was at the beach. She knows they don't have a future in Scranton: "There's one too many people there." "You mean Kevin?" asks Jim, in a Chipster-y voice, and Karen says, "Yes." She asks if he knows what she means, though: "I can't stay there." Jim says he knows, and reaches back to take her hand as they jog across the street. If Karen notices that he promised exactly nothing, it's impossible to tell.

After commercials, we're on Sixth Avenue, like three blocks from here. Karen and Jim screw around with Michael for trying to act like he's the Hillary Clinton to their collective Barack Obama.

Outside the doors, Michael interviews that he's by far the most qualified person who's being interviewed. He finds it cute that Jim and Karen are there -- they're like kid actors tagging along while Daddy goes for his big audition, except "Daddy is Meryl Streep." She'd make a very credible Daddy -- particularly if she reused her wig from A Cry In The Dark.

Back in Scranton, Dwight's already moved into Michael's "old" office and is enjoying a cheekful of Big League Chew as he interviews that Michael is gone. The shot widens to show Andy sycophanting next to him: "Hail to the chief!" Dwight, around his gum, says that his first order of business was to make Andy his #2, and Andy adds that his was to accept. Dwight snorts that Andy hardly had a choice: "Opportunity of a lifetime." Behind his back, Andy's face falls, like he's hoping really hard that this isn't actually the end of the road for him.

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