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The Job

Scranton. Dwight has called Pam into Michael's "former" office to tell her that she showed great leadership potential at the coal walk, despite her having followed it with an "embarrassing personal confession." Dwight is going to be both the regional manager, and the assistant to the regional manager (because he needs someone he can trust). Andy is his #2, and he wants Pam to be the secret assistant to the regional manager. He asks if she accepts. "Absolutely I do," says Pam very seriously.

Pam interviews, "I learned from Jim, if Dwight ever asks you if you accept something secret, you reply, 'Absolutely I do.'" She's clearly excited for the cockamamie schemes that are undoubtedly in her immediate future.

Corporate. Michael enters David's office for his interview. David exposits that Michael didn't lose any customers in the merger, and also trimmed the budget. He asks what Michael's strengths are as a manager, and Michael counters by offering up his weaknesses: "I work too hard, I care too much, and sometimes I can be too invested in my job." David's like, "Right. And your strengths?" Michael smugly says that his weaknesses are actually strengths, and David's like, "Ah, very good." Michael grins into the camera. I assume he ganked these interview tips from a page linked to the one that taught him about negotiation.

Scranton. In the break room, Phyllis marvels that Dwight is going to be their new boss. Oscar contends that Michael won't be going anywhere. Kevin posits that Karen will get the new job because she looks corporate: "Those little pantsuits." Phyllis is pretty sure Michael will get the corporate job, regardless of his qualifications, since he wasn't qualified for the regional manager job, either, and got that one. Pam smiles a little; maybe Michael's incompetence has already taken on the glow of nostalgia.

Scranton. Dwight rallies the troops with news of his new motivational tool: the Schrute Buck. Employees get them when they do something good; a thousand of them can be exchanged for an extra five minutes at lunch. Pam apple-polishes by piping up to ask the cash value of a Schrute Buck; Dwight says that's an excellent question, and says that it's one one-hundredth of a cent. Oscar computes that ten thousand Schrute Bucks would be worth a dollar -- all right, Accounting! -- but shuts up off Angela's very sharp look. Dwight's next announcement concerns his impatience for Michael's time-wasting events, such as "ethnic celebrations" and the like: he decrees that there will be no more meetings. "Amen," mutters Stanley. Not so fast! Dwight is replacing them with a long series of mandatory lectures designed to increase employees' knowledge of the world of paper, and the first one is starting in ten seconds. I hope he doesn't forget about papyrus!

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