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California, Here He Comes

Apparently, the planking craze has hit Dunder Mifflin, much to the annoyance of Oscar and Jim. Erin, who's totally into it, coolly tells us that you either get it you don't. "And I don't. But I'm so excited to be a part of it!"

Dwight and Andy are all "No, after you" to each other getting off the elevator, as Jim brings us up to speed in a talking head: the search committee picked Robert California (James Spader), who took one look around the office, left, drove his Corvette to Florida, and talked Jo into making him CEO. "He talked her out of her own job, and I don't know how someone does that." And Robert chose as the new Regional Manager, none other than one Andrew Baines Bernard. Andy clearly can't believe it himself, although he suspects some resentment from Dwight, whom he made his enforcer. "Smart, right?" "Very smart," Kelly agrees from her planked position atop his wardrobe. "I can't get down," she adds. Dwight THs that he was disappointed, but now he's finding a lot more time for martial arts. For now, however, he's trying to get a planked Kevin off a desk. Pam declines to help, because she's extravagantly pregnant with "little Michael Scott!" "Nope, told you I don't like that joke," Jim tells her. We also learn that Angela's pregnant as well, and she's quick to point out that she's much smaller, and carrying the offspring of a senator. State senator, but whatever. Darryl tells us that he ended up with something way better than the manager job: "This soda. This is mine." While three guys try to de-desk Kevin, Stanley has come up with a new thing where he acts helpful by offering lengthy advice which he then concludes with "shove it up your butt," which in this case, cracks everyone up so they drop Kevin. "It's stupid, but it's my thing now." Man, I hear that. Andy tasks Dwight with putting an end to the planking thing, which Dwight does by ambushing plankers all over the office with fire extinguishers, reams of paper, and pure meanness. "Kids, don't try planking," Dwight says into the camera. "It's dangerous. Especially with me around." With Dwight around, what isn't?

I don't know if these are the permanent credits yet or not. They start with Rainn Wilson and end with "And James Spader," right before a final shot of Andy leaning forward to adjust the little figure on the edge of the manager's desk and tipping it over onto the floor.

Pam is making herself cry by watching commercials on YouTube when Robert California comes out of the conference room, where apparently he spends half his time for some reason. His appearance causes everyone to suddenly look very busy. "You never know who he's going to zero in on for these really intense small talks," Jim THs. "You just hope it's not you. And yet you hope it is you, too." I've known people like that. Robert aims his intimidating jowls and forehead around the bullpen before setting on Erin, who literally says, "Here we go." Andy interrupts their talk before Erin's gotten past how she woke up today, because he has a "casual chitchat" with Robert scheduled for 9:30. Andy THs (from the boss's office, which is going to take some getting used to -- or, it won't, because he won't be in there long enough) that he has three agenda items for Robert: a request for a long Columbus Day weekend, to find out what Robert thinks of him, and, "time permitting, we lost our biggest client." Okay, so the good news is that they have a new biggest client.

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