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As Robert enters Andy's office, Erin looks at the notebook he left behind. Concerned at what she sees, she calls Pam over to show it to her. It's a list of all the employees, including Gabe (who I thought got recalled to Jacksonville) and "Old Man," but divided into two columns, with mysterious gaps between some of the names. Pam insistently signals Jim to get off his sales call and come join them. Which he reluctantly does, while Andy's chitchat with Robert in his office devolves even further into purposelessness than its original conception would have indicated. Out in the bullpen, the others notice that something's going on at reception, and after some ridiculous attempts to write the list down or take a photo of it, Pam rushes it to the copier. Robert comes out as it's copying, and Phyllis falls out of her chair as a distraction while they rapidly return the notebook to reception before Robert notices anything being amiss. Anything actually amiss being amiss, that is.

Andy managerially thanks Pam and Jim for the "list of names," until he learns that it was copied from Robert's notebook and suddenly wants no part of it. Pam tearfully frets that it's a list of people to be fired. It would be pretty empty in there if that were the case. They bring in Dwight, who compares it to his old lists of names for various apocalyptic scenarios. I see Karen's name in there, so he needs to update that shit. Andy speculates that the left side of the list is the cool side, what with it including himself, Jim, Dwight, and Darryl. When Pam starts getting emotional over her absence from that column, Dwight tells her not to be such a "right-sider." Dwight would be a superstar at the Stanford Prison Experiment. When they come out of the office empty-handed, everyone wants Andy to go ahead and ask Robert what it means, which Andy isn't willing to do, because A) he doesn't want Robert to know they've been snooping; and B) he's already got that Columbus Day weekend request thing going on.

But then he goes in anyway and asks Robert, who's a little annoyed that Andy read his notebook, copied it, and distributed it. "No, they did," Andy aw-shuckses. Robert says it's just a doodle, like some people's drawings of houses and penises, only he doodles words and lists. Andy's relieved, until he realizes that Robert's moving his name from the left side to the right side. "Might as well have been sketching a cube," Robert shrugs. Well, Andy is pretty square, but I'm not buying it.

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