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The Honeymoon Is Over

Michael and Jim are talking to the troops about a community outreach program. After a digression about Dunder Mifflin's Peruvian paper mill and whether it was or was not responsible for a cancer cluster (because what's funnier than cancer?), Jim says the prize for the best idea is a $50 restaurant gift certificate. Dwight suggests volunteerism, and says he puts in time at the animal shelter. "Last Sunday I had to put down 150 pets all by myself." Pam speaks up with her idea to make Scranton better: Michael can leave it. Michael plays along and gets a laugh, but Pam's not kidding. In fact, she keeps pushing, trying to lead a chant about no more meetings. Nobody joins in, but behind her, Stanley looks happier than he has in months. Michael's cell phone rings, and Jim tries to keep the meeting going while Michael steps not nearly far away enough to answer a call from someone he calls "Boo." Uh-oh. Angela's trying to share her idea, and Jim is of course encouraging her to speak up loudly. But everyone would rather listen in to Michael's call, to the point where Angela gets shushed. So they get to hear Michael finish up his call with Pam's crying mom with an affectionate, "Bye, pickle." Jim struggles to keep things on track, but now even Michael has abandoned him. "Pamela Morgan Beesly, you need to apologize to your mother," Michael orders. Morgan? Pam demands an apology from Michael in return, and when Michael refuses to apologize "for seeking happiness in the arms of a lover," Pam shouts, "Don't call my mother your lover!" So it's out, and most of the employees are kind of disgusted. Even Creed judges, "That's messed up, Michael." Michael asks to say one thing: "What is so wrong about me?" That wins some people over, but not Pam. She yells at Michael some more, and yells back, "I am your boss, and I may someday be your father." Pam spits, "You will never be my father. So you get out!" Michael tells her, "I hope that you are willing to die in this office, because I am." "So am I," she says. Could Jim be more in hell right now? Well, maybe if one of the parties here called on him to take a side, which lucky for him doesn't happen before the commercials hit.

Pam delivers something to accounting for a signature from Oscar, and Angela sings, "Pa-am, how's your day going?" Oscar volunteers that Pam is overreacting. She turns it around on him, asking how he'd feel if Michael was sleeping with his mother. He says his mother's in a wheelchair. Which makes it a little awkward when she needs him to sign a second page.

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