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Michael has called Oscar in for a private chat. It seems Michael is a little nervous about an upcoming medical procedure. Oscar, who should know better, acts concerned and sympathetic, until Michael begins asking what to expect. "Is there anything I can do to make it more pleasurable to me or Doctor Schondry? My main concern is, should I have a safe word?" Fortunately, Oscar doesn't need one of those; he can just get up and walk out. Which he does.

David Wallace is at the branch, asking Michael when he should expect that rundown on the Buffalo clients. Once that's squared away in Michael's typically annoying fashion, Wallace invites Jim -- wearing a suit jacket today, so you know big doings are afoot -- into the conference room. Pam is smiling proudly at Jim, but of course Michael's typically weird about being left out. And he's just getting warmed up. Not that he doesn't try to convince us otherwise in a talking-head shot in which he claims that he and Jim and Wallace are the ¡Three Amigos! and sometimes ¡One Amigo! will go to the bathroom while the other ¡Two Amigos! have a secret meeting. Sorry I don't really have a joke to go here other than that typographical gag.

"You and Jim are close, right?" Michael asks Pam after escorting her the three steps from the copier to her desk. "Yeah, I think the pregnancy really brought us together," Pam agrees. But she pleads ignorance about what the meeting might be regarding. Michael literally gets on his knees next to her and threatens that her baby will come out a liar if she's lying to him. Pam doesn't really have anything to say to that other than, "Please don't talk about my breast milk." I know I left out part of the setup, but that line really never doesn't apply.

Darryl is at Toby's desk in an Eagles jersey and shorts, balancing a pair of crutches on his lap, and explaining how he broke his ankle in a ladder accident in the warehouse. Dwight's hovering at the doorway eavesdropping, and when Darryl hobbles away, Dwight leans on Toby to look into it. Eventually the two of them head down to the warehouse to try to reenact the incident without Darryl. Toby admits in a TH that Dwight was correct in pointing out that the ladder doesn't reach the top shelf. Toby's actually kind of enjoying this, as a fan of hard-boiled detective stories. "I'll punch you in the mush, see?" he dorking-heads.

Michael bursts into the conference room, where the meeting he was specifically excluded from is still going on. Even though he's pretending to be on his cell phone and acting like he just swept in distractedly, Wallace kicks Michael right back out. Michael's left standing helplessly in the bullpen, staring. Creed comes up to him, all worried that they're talking about him. Michael tells Creed he thinks they're talking about him, which improves Creed's mood considerably. Michael THs about how it's unfair that they think he can't handle it, although he admits that it's been crazy since they took on the clients from the recently closed Buffalo branch. That explains all the file boxes stacked up around the bullpen. Michael says he even had to come in on a Saturday. He forgot his cell phone, but still. My question is how badly Michael needs his cell phone on a weekend anyway. It's not like anyone calls him, and how frequently does he need to pretend to be on it when he's not at work?

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