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Pam visits Kelly in the back to confirm that she's not coming to their wedding. Pam THs that they're having the wedding in Niagara Falls so their coworkers will be discouraged from making the drive (she doesn't say what measure they've taken to discourage Jim's douchebag brothers, which is a way higher priority if you ask me), but of course Michael offered Friday and Monday off to anyone who attends the wedding. So as Pam says, everyone in the office now faces the Hobson's choice between the PB&J wedding and work. Back at Kelly's desk, Kelly is going on and on about how her attendance is dependent on whether Ryan's going. But not in the way you would hope she would.

Michael parks his ass on Andy's desk to stare through the conference room window. Simply to justify his presence there, he distractedly asks Andy about his sales, and doesn't even listen as Andy makes excuses about his declining numbers and overshares about a flirty cousin. Hey, at least it appears to be a girl cousin. Michael THs about how unfair it is that Wallace is looking at him during the four-month period when he's completely overwhelmed.

After the ads, Michael is much more serene now that he's come up with a plan: he's going to stow away in a cheese cart and have Andy wheel him into the conference room. Andy wheels the cart in with a tablecloth draped over it to hide Michael, and does a stellar job of overselling the cheese platter (which is clearly just a bunch of crap he and Michael scrounged from the fridge). But seconds after Andy has left them to it, Wallace and Jim end the meeting, leaving the room without touching so much as the can of grated parmesan. Somehow, as Wallace looks around for Michael, Michael manages to scoot the cart out into the bullpen and slip out of it without giving himself away. At least not to Wallace. Jim, however, does not appear to be fooled as Wallace and Michael adjourn into Michael's office.

Toby and Dwight have Darryl's house staked out in Dwight's Trans Am, and are discovering a shared love of trainspotting. After a while, they see a large figure in shorts and an Eagles jersey hefting a big bag of dog food on one shoulder. Toby yells something uncharacteristically rude out the window, and when the guy turns to face them, and it's not Darryl. In fact, it's not even a guy. As Darryl comes stumping out the front door on his crutches, Toby orders Dwight to peel out. Dwight does, plowing into some trashcans as he goes. So that makes Dwight 0 for 2 on executing emergency departures without hitting anything.

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