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Pam wants to confirm whether Ryan's coming, and he won't commit. Yeah, Pam, I think Kelly could have told you that. She says it's $75 per person, and he brags that he once drank a glass of cognac that cost $77. Why doesn't he just save everyone a lot of time and tattoo the word "TOOL" on his forehead. Pam demands a yes or no, and Ryan gives her a yes. Pam walks away, loudly putting down both him and Kelly as a yes. If she was hoping he would change his mind when he heard that, she's going to have to wait until after the scene ends.

Wallace is talking to Michael about the best use of "everyone's talents," meaning whether Jim is ready to take a management position. Michael compares Jim to Big Bird: "Tall and yellow and very nice." But he wouldn't put Jim in charge. Better to go with one of the grown-ups, like Maria or Gordon. Way to make a case for yourself as one of the grown-ups there, Michael. Although I do have to give him credit for not mentioning Bob, who's probably more like Jim than anyone. I'm going to move on before I give everyone nightmares about Creed as Mr. Hooper. Michael digs out Jim's performance review and reads Toby's overwhelmingly negative remarks from back when Toby had that secret crush on Pam and thus not-so-secretly hated Jim. But Wallace isn't to know that, so he finally tells Michael what Jim was suggesting: put Jim in charge of the Scranton branch and put Michael in charge of all northeast sales. Michael's whole paradigm shifts as he says he'll have to talk to some people. Wallace says this will only work if they have someone to replace Michael, and since Jim has another job offer in place as of this moment, they'd have to replace Jim if this doesn't work. Michael looks like he ate some bad grated parmesan.

Meanwhile, Jim THs that he didn't share any of this with Michael because he thought Michael would try to help. "Example: he handed out Jell-O shots at the 23rd mile of the Steamtown Marathon." Hey, you don't need to convince us.

Wallace comes out of Michael's office, inviting Jim to walk him down to his car. Michael is left in his office with a childish set to his jaw, and after we see Jim looking dejected from the window above after seeing David off in the parking lot, Michael smugs, "I can't help but feel partially responsible." Oh, Michael, don't beat yourself up. Let Jim do it.

After the ads, Jim goes into Michael's office with him and asks what changed between the meeting and Wallace's departure. Michael feigns ignorance, but Jim isn't letting him off the hook. So Michael promises to call Wallace and recommend Jim for the promotion, as soon as Jim leaves the room. Jim's cool with that, except for the part about leaving the room. Jim THs his regret about keeping Michael in the dark. "I should have realized he can do just as much damage in the dark." You think?

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