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Meet the New Co-Boss

Dwight bursts into the bullpen to make an announcement about the fraud that was just committed, just as Michael emerges to make his own announcement about Jim's promotion to co-manager. Michael tries to put a spin on the announcement of his own "promotion" to co-manager, and shakes Jim's hand in front of everyone. Behind them, Dwight looks crushed. And in a TH, he simply screams. Looks like someone picked the wrong day to pick on an injured warehouse foreman.

In the tag, Pam confirms Meredith's verbal RSVP in the break room: "You are going to text me the day of my wedding for directions, and you will eat whatever's fanciest?" "Unless there's ribs," Meredith corrects. She takes off and Angela remarks to Pam about rudeness, until Pam moves Angela's bag to sit down at the table with her and Angela protests. Rookie mistake, Pam, mistaking Angela's judging for commiserating.

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