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The Merger

Pam arrives back in the office with two grocery bags of food for the Stamford greeting party, and even Michael's obnoxiousness as he sends her to set it all up in the conference room doesn't bug her. While she's doing that, she tells the camera that she's in a good mood, excited to meet the new people and to have her old friend back. What was his name again?

The first Stamford person, Hannah, arrives, and Michael's got himself dialed up to only about four as he hands her a welcome gift bag (actually a small brown paper sack) and leads her to her new desk. Michael goes up to five when the big guy, Tony Gardner, arrives. Somehow Michael manages not to say anything about Tony's weight, accidentally or otherwise. But he does make Tony grab at the gift bag before he hands it over. Kevin comes over to complain that he didn't get a gift bag. Michael tells Kevin he can buy one later if there are any left over. Hannah assures Kevin that there's not much in there but pencils anyway, and Michael, pretending not to be stung, points out that there are coupons in there too. As he leads Tony off, Kevin asks Hannah for her pencils and gets shot down. Karen is next to arrive, and with Michael temporarily occupied, she and Pam almost strike up a friendship right away. But of course that ends when Michael reappears and makes a poor first impression. Let's just say that if the first thing you say to a new boss is, "Are you a robot or a Martian?" then things are not going to get better. As we now see from Michael's next comment: "Wow, you're very exotic-looking. Was your dad a GI?" Karen just goes blank, but Pam's looking at Michael in a very disgusted-mom kind of way.

The camera crew meets Andy outside in the parking lot, as he promises to be the number two guy in Scranton in six weeks. "How? Name repetition, personality mirroring, and never breaking off a handshake. I'm always thinking one step ahead. Like...a carpenter...who makes stairs." See what he didn't do there?

Inside, Andy gets right to demonstrating "personality mirroring" with Michael, instantly becoming fluent in Michael-ese, much to Pam's amusement. And much to Michael's admiration, as he THs how much he likes Andy. "He has got this very likeable way about him."

The next two people from Stamford arrive together: Martin Nash and that floppy-haired dude who used to sit in front of Karen. The camera zooms past Pam's big smile (and hair-fixing, as though her hair didn't already look fabulous) to follow Michael as he greets Jim the way he thinks guys greet each other. With that out of the way, he gives Martin his gift bag and leads him off to "where the slaves work," before realizing that maybe that wasn't the smartest thing to say to a black guy. Getting embarrassed about it a second too late only makes it worse of course. That leaves Jim alone with Pam, acting all "I'm new here..." to her before she dashes around from behind reception to give him a big old hug. Jim points out that she missed his joke, and she giddily says, "I know, I don't care." "Place looks really good," Jim says, looking only at her. Shit, where did I put my decoder ring?

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