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The Merger

But then there's a Jim TH in which he has apparently just been asked where he stands with Pam. He acts like we're idiots for even asking, saying that he and Pam are friends and always have been. Ooookay. Do you think when the camera people first came to Dunder Mifflin, they claimed that all this footage would only ever be shown in a parallel universe?

As Jim drapes the strap of his man-purse over his old chair, Dwight comes up, and he's in no mood to be fucked with: "Fact: I am older, I am wiser. Do not mess with me." Aw, poor Jim. He can't just let that stand, but there's no way he has anything prepared. But then he just freaks Dwight out by staring fixedly at his forehead. He makes it look so easy. But then, so does Dwight.

Then Ryan comes in, just as Jim is draping his suit jacket over the chair. They greet each other boisterously, but the temperature drops ten degrees as Ryan flops his briefcase on the desk. Jim backs down, and takes the desk that's going to have his back to Pam all the time. Which Pam doesn't seem to appreciate, not that she says anything. Ryan THs, "Yeah, Jim is a nice guy. That's why I got the desk." In what world is the most desirable desk in the office the one in which your boss can see your computer monitor without even getting out of his chair?

AWOL from the DVD: the scenes with Kevin and the shredder. Should have ponied up, Staples.

Dwight sits at his own desk, glaring into Michael's office as Andy does some more personality mirroring. As Andy comes out, Dwight introduces himself to his new rival as "Assistant Regional Manager." Without missing a beat, Andy introduces himself as "Regional Director in Charge of Sales." There's a little pissing contest about who's reporting to whom. How will it end? Well, since neither of them is breaking the handshake, it's going to be tough for either of them to zip up.

Jim goes back to say hi to Toby, and their happiness at seeing each other kind of gets weird when Toby goes for a fist-bump. Instead there is a handshake, and awkwardness, and a very short reunion.

Michael's rehearsing for his orientation when Dwight bursts in, demanding to know whether he or Andy is higher in rank, or in pay scale. Michael refuses to answer either question. "Your pay is just different," he claims.

In the break room, Jim gets a much more exuberant greeting from Kelly than he did from Pam. She gushes at him about the TomKat and Brangelina babies, like there aren't supermarkets in Stamford (Maybe there aren't. Never been there. Don't know.) "What's new with you?" Jim asks. Kelly: "I just told you."

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