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Jim enters Charles's office with the rundown, just hoping that this is what Charles wanted. Without looking at it, Charles tells him to fax it to everyone on the distribution list. Jim not only isn't sure what Charles means, he doesn't know which distribution list. "Just faxing... my dad...a rundown," Jim says. Okay, right here is when I decide that the next batch of webisodes has to be Jim and Pam at home, asking each other, "So how was your day?"

In the parking lot, Pam is trying to give contact info to some dude, but since they don't have business cards yet, she's reduced to writing it down on a scrap of paper. Creed and Meredith talk to Michael about the pancakes, and Creed calls Michael "boss" as he complains about the pancakes not being round. "They're shaped like paper," Michael explains lamely. Creed's so turned off that he gives back the stack he stole.

Up in the break room, Dwight and Andy are having a jam session on guitar and banjo, respectively. Andy seems to be trying to teach Dwight "Take Me Home, Country Roads" by John Denver. New Kelly wanders in and starts singing along. Andy shows Dwight up on the banjo, and pretends to be embarrassed when New Kelly is impressed with his chops. So now it's on. They continue to try to one-up one another, with Dwight singing in both English and German, while Andy harmonizes. New Kelly is blown away each time one of them unspools another inch of their musical dicks. But as inevitably happens in these situations, the musical duel morphs into a performance that brings out the best in both of them, and the next thing you know they're each more into what the other is doing than how it's affecting New Kelly. As they totally forget she's there, New Kelly suddenly gets a look on her face like she's walked into a makeout session, which she kind of has. She ducks out, and the boys continue jamming until Toby comes and taps on the window that connects to the bullpen. "You have to stop," he says through the glass, which apparently hasn't been muffling the sound at all.

After the pancake luncheon, which was clearly a failure on every possible level ad a few impossible ones, Michael gathers his employees back in the office and starts to tell them about a dream he once had about a peanut butter and tuna fish sandwich. It was delicious in his dream, but when he woke up and made one in real life, it was disgusting. Gosh, where could Michael be going with this? We don't get to find out, because the phone has started ringing and he tells Pam to pick it up. It's "Russell from the pancake luncheon." Looks like a sale is happening, and Michael and Ryan swarm all over her while she tries to close the deal. Which she does. They celebrate, and Michael THs, "Who would have thought that the thing to save this company would be work? And a pancake luncheon." As they leave for the day, Ryan going out to get in his mom's Taurus station wagon and Pam kissing Jim in the parking lot and Michael climbing over the side of his still-trapped car, he goes on in VO and TH about the things that are important to a small company, pausing only to wait for the noise of a flush from above to subside. I'm thinking the documentarians may need to come up with some workarounds for this space.

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