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The Negotiation

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The Negotiation

Roy paces around the Dunder Mifflin parking lot, out of uniform, clearly working himself up to something. Meanwhile, inside the building, Karen is pestering a reluctant Jim to take her out for a date that night, which happens to be Friday. As Jim's putting on his jacket to go, suddenly Roy storms in and roars, "Hey, Halpert!" Jim looks around in alarm, glances at Pam (no help there), and says to Roy, "Hey." Pam looks back and forth between them, and then several things happen almost at once. 1) Roy comes at Jim with intent. 2) Jim pushes Karen out of Roy's way. 3) Pam screams Roy's name. 4) Roy takes a blast of some kind of foamy spray full in the face, and drops to the floor screaming. Meanwhile, the camera people are doing two things: 1) jack and 2) shit. Those documentarians are so lucky they don't actually exist. Seconds later, everyone else within ten feet of Reception is also coughing. Except Dwight, boldly standing there with his spray can still leveled as he orders, "Pam! Please call Security!" And in a TH, Dwight is without his glasses, teary-eyed and red-faced as he says that, every day for eight years, he's brought pepper spray to the office to protect himself, and everyone laughed at him. "Well, who's laughing now?" he blinks furiously.

Michael's on the conference-room speakerphone with Jan, doing the post-mortem of the event at a later date. He downplays it as a "crime of passion," and insists that all of his employees are extremely gruntled. Jan asks if Toby is there. "No," Michael lies, for some reason. "I'm here, Jan," Toby says. He tells her that Roy has been fired, and that Jim doesn't plan to press charges against Roy or the company. Jan's glad to hear it, but Toby mentions that Darryl has an issue. Michael blows that off, saying that Darryl is leveraging Roy's departure for a raise. Jan just wants Michael to take care of it. And to stop saying "Yeppers."

Pam THs that she doesn't want to talk about it, and then relents slightly: "It sucked." For Jim's part, he says he's lucky Dwight was there. Jim also adds that Roy was lucky Dwight only used the pepper spray, and not his nunchuks or throwing stars. We even get a couple of low-angle shots of Dwight whipping these items out, so we know Jim isn't just making this up. Not that I would have minded watching a potato bounce off of Roy's forehead at 60 PSI.

Later, at their desks, Jim thanks Dwight. Dwight declines Jim's gratitude, but Jim offers Dwight a gift-wrapped present. Dwight coldly refuses that, too, lecturing, "Citizens do not accept prizes for being citizens." Jim THs that the gift was a display case for his bobblehead: "He saves my life, I get him a box for his desk toy. Even-Steven." In a TH, Dwight maintains that he's not a hero, because those are the guys in comic books. How soon he forgot his diversity training.

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