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The Negotiation

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The Negotiation

Over at Accounting, Oscar hands Angela a check for Roy and says he's coming to pick it up later. Kevin is bummed that he missed the "fight." "It was crazy," Oscar says. Angela asks Oscar to describe it. Oscar obliges, and his version ends, "All of a sudden, Roy goes down and Dwight's standing there like an action hero." Angela is all aflutter, like she's just been interrupted in the middle of one of the steamier parts of a Janette Oke book. "Well, good for Dwight," she covers.

Michael has brought Jim into his office to do a little role playing as practice for turning down Darryl's request for a raise. He wants to try out the negotiating tactics he got from Wikipedia, and THs something about how anyone can write whatever they want about anything, "so you know you are getting the best possible information." In other words, Wikipedia is Michael Scott in internet form. By the way, there's something weird about Michael's suit jacket; it's a bit shiny, and the lapels are much higher than he usually wears. Jim kicks things off, wisely refraining from doing a Darryl impression (aside from calling Michael "Mike"). He just says that, with Roy gone, he's doing a lot more work in the warehouse. Michael sits back in his chair and mumbles unintelligibly. He explains that by making the other party lean forward, he was establishing a dominant physical position. Next is walking out of the room unexpectedly. "And what happens in this one?" Jim sets up. "That's a surprise," Michael knocks down. On Michael's way out, Jim mutters, "Sex, Steve Martin, Teri Hatcher." Suddenly he's got Michael's attention. Whoa, Darryl will not know what hit him.

Dwight sits next to Toby's desk, giving his report of the incident in a bland and precise manner, without mentioning where he keeps his weapon. "The end," he concludes, abruptly getting up and walking away. Kelly and Ryan were listening in through the cube wall, and Kelly says it was the bravest thing she's ever heard. Even Ryan is impressed, saying he can't imagine what he would have done. Kelly thinks she knows, and compares it to the time a kid dropped a milkshake on her on the Ferris wheel and Ryan laughed. Ryan says that was funny. I would have to agree with Ryan on that one. Kelly angrily responds, "The next time you get scared that you think a murderer is in your apartment in the middle of the night, and you call me to calm you down..." "The next time"? How many times has this happened? That starts a whole argument, which Toby tries helplessly to defuse from the other side of the wall. Toby THs that he doesn't think Michael was punishing him by moving Ryan back there with Kelly. But as Ryan and Kelly have a make-up make-out session in the background, Toby admits, "If he did intend that? Wow. Genius." Which should tell Toby right there that it wasn't Michael's intention.

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