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The Secret

In his office, Michael gazes at Jim through the window and then finger-combs his hair down over his forehead. Thusly coiffed in a poor-man's Halpert (which is, let's face it, a whole new definition of poverty), he goes to accounting and tells Angela to expense the Hooters lunch. She objects, so they have to go to Toby, who threatens to take away the corporate credit card that Michael just got back after an $80 expenditure at a magic shop. Michael is trying to make the case that Jim's lunch is business-related, since Jim's emotional malaise is affecting his productivity. "He's in love with a girl he works with, who's engaged, so just cut me some slack, please?" Michael whines. "Pam?" asks Kelly, who overheard the whole thing. Michael's face falls farther than his hair, and suddenly he doesn't care about the expense reimbursement any more.

And during the commercials, the word has spread. Phyllis asks Angela who she would choose if she were in Pam's place. Angela declines to answer, then says, "Roy." Kevin is telling Creed, who leers, "Which one is Pam?" As Michael mopes past, Kevin makes some comment, and Michael shirtily informs him that this is private. After all, this is a personal matter, between Jim and Pam. And Michael.

Dwight stakes out Oscar's house. I don't think this is what Michael had in mind.

Jim comes out of the men's room and runs into Kelly, who asks why he never told her about his thing for Pam. How long was he in there, anyway? Jim THs that he used to have a crush, and now he doesn't. Because he thinks we're idiots. "Riveting," he claims sarcastically. Tell it to the posters, Big Tuna. And then we see Pam walking by Jim's desk while Kevin's there, sending Kevin into leer overdrive.

Jim catches up with Pam in the break room and decides to come clean-ish about his "former" crush on her, before she hears it from someone else. Pam says she kind of suspected when she first started. She asks if he's going to be all awkward around her now. "Oh, yeah," Jim says. "Hope that's okay." Pam laughs a tension-breaking laugh and is about to leave, and all would still not be lost if only Jim could refrain from stopping her at the door and assuring her that he's totally over it. But of course, he can't. Pam looks a bit sad as she leaves. How good a salesman can Jim really be if he doesn't know how to not over-close?

It's dark outside Oscar's house, as Dwight watches him come home with Gil. Oscar looks fine, by the way. He and Gil take shopping bags out of their trunk, and Oscar fixes Gil's hair as Dwight watches. He swoops in, busting them, and gloating to us outside Oscar's house that he found out something very interesting about Oscar: "He was lying about being sick!" Dwight agrees to not tell Michael in exchange for a future favor from Oscar. And then we see Dwight in Oscar and Gil's house, sitting between them as they happily watch TV and hold hands behind him. Enjoy that closet while you can, Oscar.

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