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The Secret

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The Secret

Jim knocks on Michael's closed office door and immediately enters without being invited, which is about as close to a tantrum as we'll ever see him. Michael's hair is back to normal as he throws himself on Jim's mercy. It's an odd position to be in, having to yell at your boss. And now here's the thing that makes up for Michael's inability to lie in terms of being promotable: his ability to get out of trouble by crying. Michael's tears get him off the hook, and Jim even gives him an awkward seated/standing hug. Well, that's okay, then. Of course, if Jim had the stones to actually give Michael the dressing down he deserves, he would already be with Pam by now.

Ryan is going down the list of spring cleaning tasks, and is surprised to learn that Creed didn't do his part. Not sure why. The surprise, I mean. The takeout menus will just have to wait until next year.

Pam stops into Michael's office with his schedule for the following day, and even now he can't shut his piehole about the crush thing. Pam says it's no big deal, since it was a long time ago. Stupid, stupid Michael corrects her that it was on the booze cruise, and when Pam asks him what he means, he finally shuts down. Several hours too late.

Jim and Pam walk to the elevator together, she looking curiously at his back as they go. Jim of course is wearing his most squee-worthy I'm-so-in-love-with-Pam face, which unfortunately after all these years of sublimation now looks like his I-think-I-feel-a-nap-coming-on face. As they board together, Michael VOs that keeping secrets is nothing but trouble. As demonstrated by the sad tale of the protagonist of a Skinemax movie he recently saw, called More Secrets of a Call Girl. Well, the important thing is that he's learned his lesson.

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