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Andy's Big Break

In the seminar, Dwight, Phyllis, and Stanley are up front, feigning enthusiasm about a guy who wants to buy up abandoned mineshafts, and another guy who has a plan to get point-two cents with every transaction...anywhere. Just because, I guess. The three salespeople head right to Andy and tell him they're not wasting their time on these losers. They've got plenty of losers in their life to waste time with already.

Michael asks Holly to join him as the other half of a Greek couple, but she begs off. Michael THs that she "broke up" with A.J. last week, which is good for Michael and bad for Holly, even worse than the week when she got mono and her first period. "Too much information? Maybe, but I'm using it." Back in the annex, Michael does his "Mykonos" voice for Holly, which at least gets her a little interested by virtue of how bad it is.

At Reception, Erin explains to Pam that she and Gabe are playing Scrabble on their phones. Unfortunately for Erin, "JLP" is not a word. She THs that the winner gets to pick the movie, and she hasn't won any. "So far I've seen The Shining, Rosemary's Baby, The Ring... not really my thing. Although I do like the early parts of the movie where they have a perfect family and everything." Pam offers to help, and when she notices that one of the words on the board is "KA" and wonders what it means, Oscar comes around to explain, "It means you're playing someone who's going to destroy you." Oscar read Word Freak too, I see. It's a book about elite Scrabble playing from which I took away two main lessons. The first is that to be an elite Scrabble player, you have to learn every two- and three-letter word in the English language. The other is that this would take all the fun out of being an elite Scrabble player. Oscar points out some opportunities for better words that Erin missed, like "mood" or "moon" instead of "moo." Erin relates these to how the cow moo'd or for instance what he might jump over. "You know it doesn't just have to be cow stuff, right?" Pam asks.

Andy asks Kevin to fill in for Jim, but he's not up for it: "The only way I'm Jim is in the movie version, when Jim sees what his future would be like if he never met Pam." But after the briefest possible bucking-up from Andy, Kevin's in.

Andy asks Ryan to take part, but Ryan's leery of committing. Yes, we can see Kelly right there.

In the break room, Andy runs through the program with his new lineup: Kevin opening it up, Ryan with his small business expertise, and Creed as "guest speaker extraordinaire." He looks very, very worried.

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