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Oscar brings a printout of the branch's financial numbers to Michael, who cuts to the chase: "Why don't you explain this to me like I'm an eight-year-old?" I'm sure that's for the benefit of the cameras. Bottom line: they've got a $4,300 surplus that needs to be spent today, or it'll be deducted from next year's budget. Michael tries again: "Explain it to me like I'm five." Oscar explains it in terms of a lemonade stand, and makes the case that they should spend the money on a new copier. "I think I'm getting you," Michael lies.

Eventually (as in, after the credits), Michael happily bursts out into the bullpen and announces that he's buying everyone a new copier. Oscar's the only one who's happy about it, so Michael amends, "Unless everybody can agree on something better?" Pam wants new chairs, and so does Stanley. Toby suggests air quality testing for radon and asbestos, which he calls "silent killers." "You're the silent killer. Go back to the annex," Michael snaps. Pam claims that Meredith, Stanley, and Jim are in her camp, but Jim gently says he's actually leaning toward the copier. In a TH, he says he makes his own copies rather than asking his girlfriend to do it. "And that copier? Sucks." But they don't have to agree on everything, right? Meredith and Creed both commend Jim for his cojones, and Michael ducks into his office to "digest" everyone's ideas. And Pam stares daggers at Jim. No PB&J sandwich tonight, clearly.

In the kitchen, Dwight's going over arrangements with Andy and Angela for their upcoming wedding at Schrute Farms. There are some concerns about the directions (measured in paces) and the sanitary facilities ("We'll dig a trench," Dwight shrugs). Still, Andy is not about to lose a ninth venue deposit. "I have seen Angela naked zero times," he insists. So he's pretty motivated to make this work.

In the kitchen, Jim is enjoying a break when Pam comes in and acts like a controlling psycho about the chairs. She pretends to be all sweet, but as she leans in for a kiss, she whispers that he is on "very dangerous ground." "Ooh," Jim shudders in a TH afterward. This is weird.

Dwight shows Angela and Andy the barn where the receiving line will be. He promises to clean out the livestock and hay, but not the manure. "Covers up the smell of the slaughterhouse," he explains. "You want to eat, don't you?" Andy, desperate to avoid any deal-breakers, offers to pay Dwight extra to do the slaughtering the day before. And then he steps in animal poo.

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