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Pam's got Michael buttonholed in his office to bend his ear about the chairs when Oscar pops in to invite Michael along for lunch. "Mind if I join?" Jim asks. This... is the greatest day of Michael's life. "It is so on," Pam vowing-heads.

At reception, Pam glams herself up to eleven for Michael's benefit. Gross. "How is it possible that I've had two engagement rings and only one chair?" she asks us. After the guys come back into the office from lunch, laughing uproariously and high-fiving, Jim gives Pam some tiramisu he brought her as a peace offering. Which she drops in the trash. "You look really pretty," he says. "Thank you," she responds, and enters Michael's office to get her flirt on. She effusively compliments his four-dollar tie and his nine-dollar pants (prompting him to show off his ass), then makes another argument for chairs in favor of the copier. Then she calls him "hot tie guy" on her way out. She may get the chairs, but at what cost?

In the kitchen at Schrute Farms, Dwight and Angela are arguing about the butter sculpture. Andy tries to make peace between them, and ends up stepping in animal poo. Again. "Why is that in the kitchen?" he demands. Excellent question.

Pam is trying to make copies, and having some trouble. But she can't exactly smack it or kick it with Jim watching smugly from his desk, so she has to settle for squishing and leaning. Jim invites her to switch teams. She declines. "I have my copies." At a 38-degree angle. "I have my original." Two-thirds of it. "So suck it." Okay, then.

Michael makes his way through the office, lavished with attention from everyone and feeling like a superstar. "There's that ass," Pam calls out. Jim gives her that blank look he gives us when Michael really crosses the line. It's not as effective from the side.

Dwight shows Angela and Andy into another barn with chairs set up. This they love, and Dwight puts on a little rehearsal with Angela as herself, Andy as her father walking her up the aisle, and Dwight as the groom, complete with a chinbearded minister who doesn't understand a word they're saying. "Although born just minutes from here, he speaks only German," Dwight explains. "Closed society." Dwight cuts the minister loose to babble auf Deutsch while he smoothly explains that it's just a little taste of the ceremony. He casually says "I do" and puts a little circle of twine on Angela's hand, and she says I do, clearly moved. I think we all know where this is going. All except Andy, of course.

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