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Back at the office, Michael has called Hank the security guard up from the front desk to make the decision. He explains the situation to Hank, who examines the copier and tries out Pam's chairs. He takes the floor, and begins to speak at length, without saying one way or another. Michael finally asks what he should do. "Let me see the copier again," Hank says. Michael: "All right, get out."

Schrute farms. While Dwight's cousin Mose helps Andy ride a horse in the background, Angela admits to Dwight that she made the wrong choice. Dwight says he knows, but he's already taken care of it. Yep, they're actually married now, and the receipt Andy thought he was signing was actually Dwight and Angela's marriage certificate. Angela angrily says it doesn't count, and throws his twine ring at him before storming off. "Are we leaving or what?" Andy calls out, moments before Mose beans him with a half-inflated basketball. If he steps in animal poo again, it's not in the frame.

Michael is choking on tiramisu while trying to talk to David Wallace on speakerphone about the surplus. "You want me to weigh in on a minor budget issue?" Wallace asks. Michael quickly corrects him: "No, no, I want you to make the decision so I'm not the bad guy." So Wallace advises Michael to just return the surplus, which will earn him a 15% bonus as branch manager. "Six hundred and forty-five dollars?" Michael gasps. Looks like someone's off to Burlington Coat Factory.

Michael marches out to the bullpen to announce his decision. "This copier is working perfectly," he claims, holding up the original he just stuck on the glass for a few seconds of clattering. He sits in Pam's chair, which he calls "Urkelnomically correct." ["Clever that he keeps sinking lower and lower as he talks." -- Angel] While nearly wrenching his back standing up, he gives everyone a sanctimonious lecture about how they're spoiled and should be happy with what they have, until Oscar busts him. "Does anyone happen to know what fifteen percent of 4300 is?" he asks the room. "Six hundred and forty-five dollars," Michael says immediately, causing Kevin to marvel, "Michael's a genius!" Except Michael can't come up with fifteen percent of two hundred, so Oscar tells everyone that Michael is giving back the surplus to get a bonus for himself. Even Michael can read this room after that, so he ducks into his office, claiming to hear his phone. "To be continued!" he yells. In his office, he says the situation hasn't changed: "We need a new copier, we need new chairs, and I need to figure out a way to keep this money without having everybody hate me."

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