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Oscar's nervously waiting for Angela to show up for work the day after she may or may not have figured out about his affair with her husband. "If she's cold and awkward and cruel to me, then great, it's business as usual," he talking-heads. When she walks in wearing her usual scowl, Oscar's in so much panic he can barely speak, until she just asks him if the thermostat's acting up. In a hyper-relieved TH, Oscar says she clearly has no clue. "I guess the universe rewards true love." Of course Oscar doesn't know about the daggers Angela's staring through the window behind him.

Truncated credits, but the usual shot of Andy knocking Old Salty off his desk has been replaced by one of Jim kissing Pam. And not knocking her over at all. Does this mean Andy's never coming back? And is everyone else as okay with that as I am?

When the Halperts show up for work, she's wearing painting clothes so she can finally start doing the mural in the warehouse after what has apparently been some procrastination. Jim offers to come help her because he's putting off something of his own: asking David Wallace if he can start working part-time, because without him the new sports marketing company is starting to do stupid shit like name itself "Athlead." Fortunately, Jim has a great opening line: "Hey, David, how'd you like a guy that's not here as much, gets paid the same amount of money, and has bigger fish to fry in Philadelphia?"

Pete has a stack of customer complaint cards, which he's supposed to fill out every time he enters a complaint into the computer. It doesn't make any more sense to Pete than it does to us, and Andy's only response to his question was a direct order to "Chillax." So he's responding by building a house of completed cards. "Fight the power," he self-mocks.

In the break room, Angela quietly but urgently tells Dwight to meet her in the old place. "Five minutes. I need you." Cut to the warehouse, where Angela slides open the door to the storage closet to find him buck naked. When she tells him to get dressed, Dwight pretends he's just working out, which the pixels over his crotch actually are. Angela says the kind of help she needs from Dwight is outside the law, but he tells her he's done with all that: "I'm not in your panties, I don't go vigilante." But when Angela says her marriage is in danger, Dwight texts a former volunteer sheriff and gets a text right back. Another one?

Jim's call to Wallace isn't going so well, until he says that Phyllis and Stanley have agreed to cover for him when he's gone. Cut to Jim in the break room trying to convince them to actually do so, and calling on their friendship doesn't seem to be cutting much ice. "Let me take you to lunch and I'll make my case," he says, which seems to get their attention.

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